All-Mid-State League Volleyball

League Champion Bloom-Carroll
Championship Coach Kyle McFerrin
Player of the Year Evelyn Brown
Defensive Player of the Year Gabrielle Whittenburg / Lynsay VanHoose

First Team All-MSL
Evelyn Brown Jr. Bloom-Carroll
Madison Lacy Jr. Bloom-Carroll
Corinne Knapp Jr. Bloom-Carroll
Gabby McConnell Sr. Circleville
Addison Edgington Fr. Circleville
Christian Thompson Jr. Fairfield Union
Gabrielle Whittenburg Sr. Hamilton Township
DS Gabrielle Whittenburg Sr. Hamilton Township
Claire King So. Logan Elm
Lynsay VanHoose Sr. Logan Elm
DS Lynsay VanHoose Sr. Logan Elm

Second Team All-MSL
Emma Kern Jr. Amanda-Clearcreek
Jazlynn Caton Sr. Bloom-Carroll
Molly Barber Jr. Bloom-Carroll
Ally Thornsley Fr. Circleville
Cara Miller Sr. Fairfield Union
Alexis Wooten So. Hamilton Township
Emily Blackstone Sr. Liberty Union
Ellie Tatman So. Teays Valley

Honorable Mention
Katie Kemmerling Jr. Amanda-Clearcreek; Katie Marshall Jr. Bloom-Carroll; Maddie Blackman So. Circleville; Addy Wolfe Jr. Fairfield Union; Haleigh Harrington Sr. Hamilton Township; Ella Brown Jr. Liberty Union; Hannah Rhoads Jr. Logan Elm; Kennedy Younkin Sr. Teays Valley.

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