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Thursday, February 2, 2023
Boys Basketball

Fairfield Union 54, Logan Elm 33

High School Boys Bowling
Pickerington North 2450,
Teays Valley 1939

TV scoring: Zavier Gest 203-159 362; Sam Rodgers 161-197 358; Justin Tackett 158-186 344; Lukas Dunbar 150-167 317; Jullian Cunningham 133; Cameron Love 114; Baker Games 137-174 311

The Vikings bowling team fell to Pickerington North on February 2. Jack Neubauer from Pickerington North was the match medalist with an incredible 449 series. 

The Vikings couldn’t find their footing, unable to have more than 1 200-game of the entire night. On the other hand, the Panthers continued their dominant stretch by shooting over 2,400 again this year. 

Prior to the match, the Vikings honored the 3 seniors: Lukas Dunbar, Justin Tackett, and Jacob McDonald. The seniors also had a “last ball” with an underclassman of their choosing after the match. 

The Vikings return to action on Saturday for the MSL Tournament. 

High School Girls Bowling
Pickerington North 1675,
Teays Valley 1616

TV scoring: Kenna Barnes 205-150 355; Loralai Kinzy 154-131 285; Gretchen Stachler 155-121 276; Emma Cremeans 105-120 225; Haley Fout 83-123 206; Baker Games 127-142 269

The Vikings Bowling team fell to Pickerington North on Thursday. Kenna Barnes was the match medalist with a 355 series. 

The Vikings jumped out to a 702-680 lead after the first game but fell behind going into the Baker games after Pickerington North shot a 716 in Game 2. The Panthers then held on in Baker games to defeat the Vikings. 

The Vikings have 1 early graduate – Katie Moore – who was recognized before the match. 

The team returns to action on Saturday for the MSL Tournament. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Girls Basketball

Circleville 44, Chillicothe 34

Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Boys Basketball

Teays Valley 70, Hamilton Township 60
Bloom-Carroll 59, Amanda-Clearcreek 36
Circleville 46, Liberty Union 38
Fairfield Union at Logan Elm, ppd until Thursday
Girls Basketball
Newark 42, Teays Valley 32

New Hope Christian 50,

Whitehall 30

New Hope made its move during the second quarter to put distance between itself and host Whitehall on Tuesday on its way to a 50-30 win.

The Statesmen used a pair of three-pointers from Jenna Tripp and a triple off the shooting hand of Maren McCallister on their way to an 11-7 lead after a period of play.

New Hope checked Whitehall to just a pair of free throws during the second quarter on its way to a 25-9 halftime advantage.

McCallister knocked down a pair of field goals, including a three, and was five of six at the charity stripe for 10 points in the period.

McCallister led all scorers with 26 points, Tripp tallied 14 and Eden Leist tossed in five for the Statesmen.

High School Boys Bowling
Teays Valley (14-0) 2167,
Thomas Worthington (2-8) 1947

TV scoring: Lukas Dunbar 184-235 419; Zavier Gest 150-245 395; Justin Tackett 145-211 356; Cameron Love 194; Jacob McDonald 179; Jullian Cunningham 155; Sam Rodgers 132; Baker Games 169-168 337.

The Vikings bowling team defeated Thomas Worthington on Tuesday at the Palace. With the win, the Vikings move to 14-0 (11-0 COHSBC, 5-0 OCC-Buckeye) on the season. The win also captures at least a share for the COHSBC-A Championship. 

The Vikings overcame a slow start, only shooting a 766 series in game 1. After making the necessary adjustments, the boys shot an incredible 1064 in Game 2. 

The Vikings did a tremendous job making adjustments together as a team, which has been a focal point at practice. 

The team returns to Wayne Webb’s on Thursday for their season finale in match play against Pickerington North. Senior Night will begin at 3:30 PM, with the match at 4:00 PM. 

High School Girls Bowling
Teays Valley (5-9) 1626,
Thomas Worthington (2-8) 1234

TV scoring: Kenna Barnes 196-163 359; Loralai Kinzy 154-167 321; Gretchen Stachler 11-149 260; Emma Cremeans 123-93 216; Haley Fout 113-76 189; Baker Games 166-115

The Vikings defeated Thomas Worthington on Tuesday at the Palace to move to 5-9 on the season. The Vikings were led by Kenna Barnes, who was the match medalist. 

The team has been emphasizing fundamentals and spare shooting together. The team did an outstanding job working together tonight to move the team back and snap the losing streak. 

The Vikings have their home finale on Thursday against Pickerington North. 

Saturday, January 28, 2023
Girls Basketball

Bloom-Carroll 64, Logan Elm 43 (Kiki Ingram 15 points, Kennedy Groff 11, Kimmy Petty 6, Enaja Fischer 6, Hannah Rhoads 5 for the Braves)

Circleville 34, Teays Valley 27

Fairfield Union 41, Amanda-Clearcreek 40

Liberty Union 65, Hamilton Township 37

Boys Basketball
Paint Valley 54, Westfall 37

Friday, January 27, 2023
Boys Basketball

Fairfield Union 49, Teays Valley 37
Hamilton Township 79, Bloom-Carroll 75
Liberty Union 40, Logan Elm 34
Circleville 67, Amanda-Clearcreek 52
Girls Basketball
Unioto 66, Westfall 41 (Alyssa Wyman 10 points, Marianna Packer 8 to lead the Mustangs)

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Girls Basketball

Amanda-Clearcreek 47, Logan Elm 28

Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Boys Basketball

Fairfield Union 48, Circleville 39

Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Girls Basketball

Liberty Union 55, Circleville 48

Amanda-Clearcreek 46, Bloom-Carroll 37

Teays Valley 58, Hamilton Township 24

Fairfield Union 63, Logan Elm 47 (Kiki Ingram 20 points, Kimmy Petty 11, Enaja Fischer 7 to lead the Braves)

Westfall 52, New Hope 40

Boys Basketball
Teays Valley 67, Logan 49

Logan Elm 34, Chillicothe 29

Caledonia River Valley 67, Bloom-Carroll 53

Zane Trace 65, Westfall 60 OT (Casey Cline 21 points, Blaec Bugher 18, Brody Clark 15 to lead the Mustangs)

Monday, January 23, 2023

Circleville Athletic Hall of Fame

Past inductees to the Circleville Athletic Hall of Fame can take their plaques home on Friday during this year’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony prior to the varsity boys basketball game against Amanda-Clearcreek.
The athletic department installed an interactive television screen to honor inductees to the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame and other Tiger milestones.

High School Boys Bowling
Teays Valley (13-0) 2303,
Hamilton Township (10-1) 2158

The Vikings continued their strong season on Monday at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl by defeating Hamilton Township to win the County Line Cup. Jullian Cunningham was the match medalist with a 436 series. 

The boys started with a strong start of a 1019 series in Team Game 1. In Game 2, the team shot a 931, to enter the Baker games with a 1950-1768 lead over the Rangers. The Rangers shot two incredible Baker games but could not overcome the first game’s deficit. 

The Vikings and Rangers play in dual matches for a “County Line Cup” trophy, presented to the winner. The Cup was created by the Rangers Coach Art Short, who created the cup for the matches (boys and girls, respectively). Coach Short and the Rangers are tough and have had an outstanding season. 

For the Vikings, Coach Erik Fischer has done an outstanding job of working with the young men this season. Under Fischer’s leadership, the boys have climbed the COHSBC, statistically speaking, during the season. 

The Vikings return to the lanes in action at The Palace on January 31st to play against Thomas Worthington. The Vikings will enter the match 13-0 overall, 10-0 COHSBC, and 5-0 OCC-Buckeye. 

TV scoring: Jullian Cunningham 235-201 436; Sam Rodgers 207-190 397; Lukas Dunbar 217-165 382; Zavier Gest 170-210 380; Justin Tackett 190-165 355; Baker Games 209-144 353

High School Girls Bowling
Hamilton Township (9-2) 1882,
Teays Valley (4-9) 1514

The Vikings could not overcome Hamilton Township’s strong performance, dropping the contest 1882-1514. Emily Welch from Hamilton Township was the match medalist with a 426 series. 

The Vikings came out of the gates with a 598 series in Game 1 and followed it up with a strong 706 in Game 2. Unfortunately, the team could not keep up the momentum in the Baker Games. 

Emma Cremeans had her personal best 124. Kenna Barnes continued her incredible Sophomore season with a 207 in Game 2. Under Coach Leah Deaner’s leadership, the young Vikings continue to grow and develop on the season and have very high hopes going into the future. 

The two teams face off in dual matches for the County Line Cup. The trophy was created by Hamilton Township Coach Art Short, who wanted the players to play for a special trophy together. The Vikings won the trophy in 2021, and the Rangers won the trophy this evening. The series is now tied 1-1. 

For Hamilton Township, Coach Emma Peruzzi has done a great job with their team, improving their team scores throughout the season. The Rangers shot an incredible 840 in Game 2 and shot a 280 series in the two Baker Games. 

The Vikings (4-9, 3-7 COHSBC, 2-3 OCC-Buckeye) will return to dual match action on Tuesday, January 31st at The Palace against Thomas Worthington. 

TV scoring: Kenna Barnes 145-207 352; Loralai Kinzy 137-118 255; Gretchen Stachler 107-146 253; Emma Cremeans 108-124 232; Haley Fout 101-111 212; Baker Games 104-106 210

Saturday, January 21, 2023
Boys Basketball

Circleville 50, Logan Elm 38

Hamilton Township 68, Amanda-Clearcreek 35

Teays Valley 64, Bloom-Carroll 56

Fairfield Union 51, Liberty Union 34

Friday, January 20, 2023
Girls Basketball

Worthington Christian 40, Teays Valley 35
Circleville 48, Amanda-Clearcreek 33
Liberty Union 64, Logan Elm 43
Bloom-Carroll 52, Hamilton Township 34

Boys Basketball
Westfall 43, Adena 42
Zane Trace 86, Huntington 59
Unioto 65, Piketon 55
Paint Valley 64, Southeastern 52

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Girls Basketball

Fairfield Union 71, Teays Valley 51

Chillicothe 43, New Hope 36 (Maren McCallister 23 points, Kayla Winner 6, Eden Leist 5 and Ivy Hines 2 for the Statesmen)

Boys Basketball

Tri-Valley 54, Fairfield Union 49

Bishop Ready 55, Bloom-Carroll 36

Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Girls Basketball

Circleville 39, Miami Trace 27

Liberty Union 47, West Muskingum 44 (LU’s Abbie Riddle scores her 1,000th career point)

Bexley 49, Bloom-Carroll 42

Johnstown 34, Hamilton Township 30

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Boys Basketball
New Hope 54, Westfall 49
Logan Elm 54, Hamilton Township 52
Teays Valley 66, Amanda-Clearcreek 17
Unioto 51, Circleville 43
Bloom-Carroll 73, Liberty Union 43

Girls Basketball
Southeastern 67, Westfall 61
Chillicothe 55, Logan Elm 44 (Kimmy Petty and Claire King 11 points apiece, Hannah Rhoads 10 to lead the Braves)
Amanda-Clearcreek defeated Nelsonville-York

Boys Bowling
Teays Valley 2462,
Newark 2204

The Vikings Bowling team defeated Newark for another OCC-Buckeye victory on Tuesday at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl. Johnny Van Hessen from Newark was the match medalist with a 453 series.

The Vikings started off the match with a strong 998 team game, then hit their stride with a 1032 in Game 2.

In the first Baker game, the team shot a 176, but made the proper adjustments to shoot an incredible 256 in Game 2.

TV scoring: Jullian Cunningham 210-240 450; Lukas Dunbar 212-226 438; Zavier Gest 215-204 419; Sam Rodgers 182-193 375; Justin Tackett 179-169 348; Baker Games 176-256 432

Monday, January 16, 2023
Girls Basketball

Circleville 48, Athens 34
Olentangy 43, Bloom-Carroll 37

Boys Basketball

Fairfield Union 40, Bishop Hartley 39
Warren 46, Zane Trace 30

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Girls Basketball

Teays Valley 51, Bishop Hartley 40

Hamilton Township 58, Amanda-Clearcreek 48

Circleville 45, Logan Elm 34

Boys Basketball

Logan Elm 49, Athens 37

Westfall 66, Southeastern 47

Zane Trace 65, Unioto 63

Paint Valley 66, Huntington 62

Adena 45, Piketon 42

New Hope Christian 69, Cincinnati Christian 65

Friday, January 14, 2023

Boys Basketball

Teays Valley 50, Logan Elm 36

Bloom-Carroll 74, Circleville 58

Liberty Union 52, Amanda-Clearcreek 31

Fairfield Union 74, Hamilton Township 42

Eastern Pike 65, New Hope 61

Girls Basketball

Adena 48, Westfall 40

Southeastern 43, Piketon 38

Paint Valley 67, Zane Trace 28

Unioto 82, Huntington 42

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Girls Basketball

Teays Valley 47, Bloom-Carroll 37

Amanda-Clearcreek defeated Columbus Academy

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Girls Basketball

Piketon 54, Logan Elm 51 (Kiki Ingram 16 points, Kimmy Petty 15, Hannah Rhoads 8, Kennedy Groff 6 to lead the Braves)

Boys Basketball

Paint Valley 70, Circleville 63 (Briley Cramer 21 points, Slater Search 11, Nolan West 8, Preston Hulse and Joe Wray 5 apiece to pace the Tigers)

Grandview Heights 60, Liberty Union 47

Hamilton Township 63, Franklin Heights 50

Fairfield Union 57, Logan 22

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Girls Basketball

Hamilton Township 48, Logan Elm 43 (Kiki Ingram 14 points, Hannah Rhoads 12, Kimmy Petty 8 and Kennedy Groff 6 for the Braves)

Circleville 45, Fairfield Union 40

Teays Valley 46, Amanda-Clearcreek 45

Bloom-Carroll 39, Liberty Union 35

New Hope Christian 60,

Ross County Christian 30

New Hope put eight players into the scoring column on Tuesday in a 60-30 win over visiting Ross County Christian.

The Statesmen jumped out to a 20-10 lead. Jenna Tripp made a trio of three-pointers in the opening period, Maren McCallister also scored nine points and Eden Leist added four.

New Hope stretched its lead to 46-16 going into the break. McCallister went bonkers in the second quarter, hitting six field goals, including a pair of three-pointers, and made all four free throws the senior wing attempted, to score 18 points in the period.

McCallister poured in a game-high 25 points, Tripp tallied 14, Leist scored six and Kayla Winner added five for the Statesmen.

Also scoring for New Hope: Ivy Hines 4, Chesnee Hines 2, Aubrey Christensen 2, Emma Pruitt 2

Boys Basketball

North Adams 56, Logan Elm 40 (Brody Sabine 14 points, Carson Summers 12 and Alden Williams 6 to lead the Braves)

Piketon 50, Westfall 43 (Casey Cline 13 points, Blaec Bugher 9, Jerry Layton 9 and Brody Clark 8 to lead the Mustangs)

Adena 50, Southeastern 31

Unioto 69, Huntington 55

Zane Trace 56, Paint Valley 49

Boys Bowling

Teays Valley (10-0) 2258,

Marysville 2155

TV scoring: Jullian Cunningham 172-234 406, Justin Tackett 212-184 396, Zavier Gest 178-200 378, Lukas Dunbar 233-139 372, Cameron Love 186, Jacob McDonald 156; Baker Games 194-170 364

Girls Bowling

Marysville 1680,

Teays Valley (4-6) 1507

TV scoring: Kenna Barnes 169-156 325, Loralai Kinzy 162-151 313, Gretchen Stachler 134-103 237, Haley Fout 120-67 187, Emma Cremeans 61-120 181; Baker Games 121-143 264

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Teays Valley’s Ava Miller claimed first at 105 pounds during a 32-team wrestling tournament held at Olentangy Orange. She is currently ranked second in the state.
Madi Hamilton, Brianna Grambo and Payton Bish also wrestled and continue to show improvement every week, according to Teays Valley coach Todd Nace.

Saturday, January 7, 2023
Boys Basketball

Teays Valley 66, Liberty Union 43
Circleville 58, Hamilton Township 55
Fairfield Union 51, Bloom-Carroll 39
Logan Elm 40, Amanda-Clearcreek 30
Madison Plains 44, Westfall 40
New Hope 88, Horizon Science 70 (Clayton Rhyne career-high 43 points for the Statesmen)

Girls Basketball
Bishop Watterson 60, Teays Valley 35
Piketon 41, Westfall 23

New Hope Christian 52,
Horizon Science 21

New Hope jumped out to an early double-digit lead on Saturday and cruised to a 52-21 win over visiting Horizon Science.
The Statesmen ended the first quarter with an 18-6 lead, led by Maren McCallister scoring six points, Jenna Tripp tallying five and Kayla Winner adding four.
New Hope stretched its halftime advantage to 34-8.
McCallister and Ivy Hines each contributed five points in the period.
McCallister led all scorers with 19 points, Tripp tallied nine, Hines had seven and Eden Leist contributed five. Aubrey Christensen, Chesnee Hines and Winner tallied four apiece.

Friday, January 6, 2023
Girls Basketball

Circleville 31, Bloom-Carroll 30
Teays Valley 67, Logan Elm 46
Liberty Union 60, Amanda-Clearcreek 48
Fairfield Union 53, Hamilton Township 28

Boys Basketball
Westfall 65, Unioto 62 (Casey Cline 20 points, Blaec Bugher 12, Jeremiah Layton 11 to lead the Mustangs)
Paint Valley 55, Adena 49 OT
Zane Trace 66, Southeastern 32
Piketon 62, Huntington 46

Thursday, January 5, 2023
Boys Basketball

Teays Valley 66, Bloom-Carroll 63 OT

Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Boys Basketball

Miami Trace 66, Circleville 48
Girls Basketball
Liberty Union 47, Fairfield Union 37

Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Girls Basketball

Logan Elm 40, Athens 33
New Hope 51, Washington C.H. 43
Berne Union 42, Amanda-Clearcreek 27 (Taylor Evans 12 points, Emily Buckley 6, Rachel Weaver 6 for the Aces)

Boys Basketball
New Albany 64, Teays Valley 54
Zane Trace 52, Logan Elm 32 (Nemiah Waugh 20 points for Braves)
Athens 39, Amanda-Clearcreek 34
Fairfield Union 64, Alexander 40
Liberty Union 63, Fredericktown 48
Bishop Watterson 58, Bloom-Carroll 52

Friday, December 30, 2022
Boys Basketball

Circleville 56, Westfall 54
New Hope 56, Athens 41
Teays Valley 53, Upper Arlington 43
Girls Basketball
Southeastern 60, Logan Elm 56 (Kiki Ingram 22 points, Claire King 11, Kennedy Groff eight and Kimmy Petty seven to lead the Braves)

Thursday, December 29, 2022
Boys Basketball

Zane Trace 63, Amanda-Clearcreek 34
Girls Basketball
Circleville 53, Westfall 31
Teays Valley 60, Worthington Kilbourne 21
Amanda-Clearcreek 47, Johnstown 39 (Emily Buckley 18 points, Taylor Evans 16 to lead the Aces)

Wednesday, December 28, 2022
Boys Basketball

Westfall 61, New Hope 58
Circleville 69, Athens 56

Huntington defeated Amanda-Clearcreek

Girls Basketball
Teays Valley 52, Big Walnut 35
Unioto 61, Logan Elm 26 (Kiki Ingram 7, and Kimmy Petty and Claire King 6 points apiece for the Braves)

Tuesday, December 27, 2022
Girls Basketball

Amanda-Clearcreek 57, Zane Trace 12 (Emily Buckley 13, Megan Tooill 10, Taylor Evans 10, Addy Pugh 8 and Hailey Sowers 8 points for the Aces)
Circleville 52, Huntington 20
Liberty Union defeats Westfall

Thursday, December 22, 2022
Boys Basketball

Bloom-Carroll 49, Logan Elm 34 (Nemiah Waugh and Drew Tomlinson with 11 points apiece to lead the Braves)
Teays Valley 64, Circleville 44
Fairfield Union 58, Amanda-Clearcreek 19

Girls Basketball
Logan Elm 30, Huntington 28

Tuesday, December 20, 2022
Girls Basketball

Circleville 42, Hamilton Twp. 24
Teays Valley 65, Liberty Union 51
Bloom-Carroll 56, Fairfield Union 50
Amanda-Clearcreek at Logan Elm, ppd

Boys Basketball
Central Crossing 60, Teays Valley 51
Westfall 68, Huntington 44
Unioto 51, Southeastern 45
Paint Valley 53, Piketon 41
Zane Trace 50, Adena 36

Saturday, December 17, 2022
Boys Basketball

Circleville 54, Liberty Union 47
Teays Valley 75, Hamilton Township 40

Bloom-Carroll 83, Amanda-Clearcreek 36

New Hope Christian 69,
Shekinah Christian 48

New Hope opened on a 20-8 run on its way to a convincing win on Saturday at Shekinah Christian.
The Statesmen led 34-18 at the break and 56-33 going into the fourth quarter.
New Hope dominated the contest with its transition game, outscoring the Flames 24-3, points off turnovers, 35-13, and in the paint, 34-10.
Lane Bruning led the way with 21 points and eight rebounds. Clayton Rhyne was 6 of 10 from the field for 12 points and Andrew Shank went 5 of 7 shooting for 11 points and also added six steals. Hunter Cavanaugh chipped in 10 points.

“Andrew Swank was the key Saturday night – big defensive presence, forced the action all night – 6 turnovers forced,” New Hope coach Shane Roese said. “Lane had his best game of the year on the offensive end.  Clayton did not play a lot, about 5 min in the first half because of foul trouble but had 10 points in the third period to extent our lead to 23 points at the end of the third period.”

Girls Basketball
Gahanna 44, Teays Valley 30

Southeastern 56, Westfall 47

High School Wrestling
Vikings seventh, Mustangs 11th at Barnesville

A pair of Pickaway County teams made the long trip over to the Barnesville on Friday for the two-day Doan Ford Invitational.
Teays Valley finished seventh with 126.5 points and Westfall came in 11th with 82 points.
Parkersburg South topped the 23-school field with 192 points, followed by Stow-Munroe Falls (151) and Barnesville (150.5).
Teays Valley’s Gunner Havens won the 113-pound weight class with an 11-7 decision over Troy Christian’s Kyle Schroer in the championship match.
Westfall’s Gage Bolt claimed top-billing at 165 pounds by pinning Parkersburg South’s Kyle Wheeler in 54 seconds.
The Vikings won four third-place matches. Josh Zimmer pinned Washington’s Talon Freese in 1:10 at 120 pounds, Braxton Sheets pinned South Gallia’s Reece Butler in 1:15 at 126 pounds, Austin Blackburn handed Washington’s Mack Parsley a 7-1 setback at 165 pounds and Joey Thurston pinned John Marshall’s Mathieu Wright in 1:54 at heavyweight.
Westfall’s Antony Hoty placed fourth at 113 pounds.

Friday, December 16, 2022
Boys Basketball

Fairfield Union 52, Logan Elm 26
Westfall 57, Paint Valley 41
Zane Trace 68, Piketon 48
Southeastern 58, Huntington 54
Unioto 58, Adena 50

Girls Basketball
Teays Valley 43, Circleville 32
Hamilton Twp. 59, Liberty Union 56 OT
Amanda-Clearcreek 51, Fairfield Union 49

Thursday, December 15, 2022
Boys Basketball

Bloom-Carroll 67, Circleville 57

Boys Bowling
Teays Valley 2217,
Lancaster 2017

Lukas Dunbar from Teays Valley was the match medalist with a 420 series.
The match presented some unique challenges for the Vikings, as some outside oil skids required quick adjustments for the team. The team quickly adjusted and regrouped following a 897 game 1 with a 955 series in Game 2. Cameron Love came off the bench with a strong 210 game to help boost the Game 2.
Using the well known team energy, the Vikings used a 204 Baker game to pull away from the Golden Gales.
TV scoring: Lukas Dunbar 224-196 420, Zavier Gest 179-210 389, Justin Tackett 184-171 355, Jullian Cunningham 185-168 353, Cameron Love 210, Jacob McDonald 125, Baker Games 204-161 365
The Vikings enter break 8-0 (6-0 COHSBC) and 3-0 in OCC-Buckeye play. The team will travel to the Pioneer Baker Marathon on Saturday, then take time off for Winter Break.

Girls Bowling
Teays Valley 1528,
Lancaster 1155

The Vikings used a 182 game from Kenna Barnes in Game 1 to catapult ahead and never look back to defeat Lancaster on Thursday night. Kenna Barnes earned match medalist with a 331 series.

The Vikings shot two 630 series’ to take a 300 pin lead going into the baker games. The team then shot a 164 in their 2nd Baker game to seal the victory.

After starting the season shooting in the 500 range, the team has worked tirelessly and has increased their personal averages, team averages, and Baker game scores immensely in the front half of the season.

TV scoring: Kenna Barnes 182-149 331, Gretchen Stachler 141-171 312, Loralai Kinzy 161-141 302, Emma Cremeans 95-90 185, Vivian Hankins 54-79 133, Baker Games 101-164 265
The Vikings will compete at the Pioneer Baker Marathon on Saturday and then go on Winter Break. The Vikings enter break 4-4 (3-3 COHSBC) on the season, and 2-1 in OCC-Buckeye play.

Wednesday, December 15, 2022
Girls Basketball

Logan Elm 50,
Westfall 34
The only streak the Logan Elm Braves are concerned with is a winning streak after posting their second victory in three days on Wednesday with a 50-34 verdict over visiting Westfall.
The Braves entered the fourth quarter with a 33-27 edge before putting together a 17-7 run.
Kimmy Petty led all scorers with 22 points, Kiki Ingram tallied 12, Kennedy Groff had 10 and Claire King added six for the Braves (2-5).
Paige Weiss had 17 points, Aubrey Clark tallied six and Alyssa Wyman added five for the Mustangs (1-7).

Circleville 37, Logan 27

Boys Bowling
Teays Valley (7-0) 2241,
Westerville South (1-4) 2056
Jullian Cunningham 216-171 387, Lukas Dunbar 158-224 382, Zavier Gest 159-202 361, Justin Tackett 165-165 330, Jacob McDonald 171-155, Baker Games 218-237 455

Girls Bowling
Westerville South (6-0) 1802,
Teays Valley (3-4) 1694
Gretchen Stachler 166-187 353, Loralai Kinzy 150-182 332, Kenna Barnes 147-179 326, Haley Fout 127-93 220, Emma Cremeans 92-118 210, Baker Games 130-123 253

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Boys Basketball

Circleville 54, Amanda-Clearcreek 34
Teays Valley 52, Fairfield Union 39
Liberty Union 23, Logan Elm 22 OT (Nemiah Waugh 9 points, Alden Williams 8 for LE)
Bloom-Carroll 75, Hamilton Township 39

Girls Basketball
Paint Valley 36, Westfall 28
Unioto 78, Adena 52
Piketon 60, Zane Trace 33
Huntington 59, Southeastern 51

Monday, December 12, 2022
Girls Basketball

Logan Elm 34, Washington Court House 22
Teays Valley 63, Northland 24
Bloom-Carroll 65, Liberty Union 47

Fisher Catholic 55, New Hope Christian 35
Maren McCallister 20 points, Jenna Tripp nine and Eden Leist six.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Girls Wrestling
The Vikings wrestled Friday at Hamilton Township.
Ava Miller 1st
Lydia Huntley 3rd
Madi Hamilton 3rd
Also wrestling was Brianna Grambo, Peyton Bish

On Sunday the Vikings wrestled at Reynoldsburg
Ava Miller 1st and most valuable of the tournament
Madi Hamilton 1st
Lydia Huntley 2nd
Also wrestling was Brianna Grambo and Peyton Bish

Boys Bowling
Teays Valley (6-0) 2238,
Olentangy (1-2) 1990

The Varsity Bowling team made the hour trek to Delaware Lanes to take on the Olentangy Braves on Monday. Behind a match-medalist winning 456 series from Zavier Gest, the Vikings were victorious over the Braves.

The Vikings had an incredibly strong evening. Senior Captains Lukas Dunbar and Justin Tackett both shot 387 and 377 respectively. Senior Honorary Captain Jacob McDonald shot a 338 series.

The Vikings then used a 220 Baker game to extend their lead for the evening.

The Vikings will return to the lanes on Wednesday, December 12 to take on the Westerville South Wildcats. Action will begin at 4:00 PM at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl. It will be Cancer Awareness Night.

TV scoring: Zavier Gest 234-222 456, Lukas Dunbar 216-171 387, Justin Tackett 190-187 377, Jacob McDonald 169-169 338, Robert Tucker 165, Jullian Cunningham 141

Girls Bowling
Olentangy (2-1) 1720,
Teyas Valley (3-3) 1576

The Vikings fell to the Olentangy Braves on Monday, 1576-1720. Despite the loss, the Vikings shot the best they have all season with a 1576 team score, and a 285 2-game Baker series. In addition to the best team score and Baker series, the 1291 2-game team series was the best from the Vikings all season.

Sophomore Captain Kenna Barnes led the Vikings with a 215 in her 1st game. The 215 game is her career-high. Junior Captain Loralai Kinzy shot a 284 series and Freshman Gretchen Stachler shot a 280 series.

Freshman Vivian Hankins shot a career-high 93, and Freshman Emma Cremeans shot a career-high 113 game.

The Vikings started 3 Freshmen and 1 Sophomore, which shows a prosperous future for the young team.

The Vikings will return to action on Wednesday night at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl to take on the Westerville South Wildcats. It will be Cancer Awareness Night. Action will begin at 4:00 PM.

TV scoring: Kenna Barnes 215-159 374, Loralai Kinzy 128-156 284, Gretchen Stachler 103-177 280, Emma Cremeans 113-91 194, Vivian Hankins 66-93 159

Saturday, December 10, 2022
Girls Basketball

Fairfield Union 74, Logan Elm 33
LE scoring leaders: Kimmy Petty 10 points, Claire King 8, Kennedy Groff 8

Bloom-Carroll 64, Amanda-Clearcreek 29
Emily Bratton led all scorers with 41 points for the Bulldogs

Circleville 70, Liberty Union 37

Teays Valley 46, Hamilton Township 22

New Hope Christian 55,
Cincinnati Christian 22

New Hope Christian put four players into double figures on Saturday in a 55-22 win over visiting Cincinnati Christian.
The Statesmen jumped ahead 19-1 after a quarter of play, led by Maren McCallister draining four field goals, including a pair of three-pointers and finishing the period with 12 points. Ivy Hines chipped in four points and Eden Leist drilled a three.
New Hope expanded its lead to 30-7 at the break, powered by Jenna Tripp scoring five and Leist adding four in the second quarter.
McCallister led all scorers with 19 points, Leist tallied 11 and Hines and Tripp added 10 apiece for the Statesmen (4-1).

Boys Basketball

Miami Trace 50, Logan Elm 33

Amanda-Clearcreek 54, Nelsonville-York 50 (AC scoring leaders: Tucker Shamblin 27 points, Brody Elder 10, Taylon Conrad 9)

Adena 67, Piketon 42

Zane Trace 67, Unioto 55

Paint Valley 56, Huntington 47

Portsmouth 73, New Hope Christian 47 (Lane Bruning 15 points and Clayton Rhyne 13 to lead the Statesmen)

Westfall 41,
Southeastern 30

Westfall rallied from a two-point deficit entering the fourth quarter on Saturday to hand host Southeastern a 41-30 Scioto Valley Conference setback.
The Mustangs had foul trouble from the get go that included Casey Cline in addition to Brody Clark and Jerry Layton playing with four fouls apiece over the last five minutes.
Blaec Bugher scored six straight points with less than two minutes remaining, then made a big dish to Seth Gifford that put the Mustangs ahead by five.
Bugher posted a game-high 17 points, Layton and Clark scored eight apiece and Gifford add five for the Mustangs (3-3, 2-1).

Friday, December 9, 2022
Boys Basketball

Logan Elm 50, Circleville 47
Hamilton Twp. 72, Amanda-Clearcreek 65 OT AC: Tucker Shamblin 28 points, Tanner Rose 15
Fairfield Union 46, Liberty Union 48
Girls Basketball
Unioto 58, Westfall 19
Piketon 48, Huntington 30
Adena at Paint Valley, ppd due to Adena illnesses

Thursday, December 8, 2022
Boys Bowling
Teays Valley (5-0) 1808,
Hilliard Darby (2-2) 1711

Lukas Dunbar rolled games of 156 and 212 to finish as match medalist with 368 pins.
Other TV scoring: Zavier Gest 178-153 331, Jacob McDonald 171-150 321, Jullian Cunningham 130-109 239, Cameron Love 128, Justin Tackett 124, Baker Games 135 162 297

Girls Bowling
Hilliard Darby (3-1) 1590,
Teays Valley (3-2) 1502

TV scoring: Loralai Kinzy 201 (personal-best)-139 340, Kenna Barnes 127-134 261, Gretchen Stachler 110-130 240, Haley Fout 80-116 196, Morgan Laxton 81-61 142, Baker Games 185-138 323

Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Boys Basketball
Circleville 57, Southeastern 36

Ian Warden paced the Tigers with 16 points, Briley Cramer had 11, and Slater Search and Joe Wray added eight apiece.
CHS coach Cody Carpenter said: A solid team win for our guys. We were missing 3 guys in our rotation and we spoke about next guy up and sophomore Drew Thornsley and freshman Ed Kirk gave us big minutes off the bench by playing their roles.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Girls Basketball

Liberty Union 73, Logan Elm 38

Bowling Green signee and Liberty Union senior Abbie Riddle had 22 points, 18 of which were in the first half. She also had 10 rebounds, nine assists and eight steals.
Kimmy Petty led the Braves with 13 points, Kiki Ingram had 10, and Hannah Rhoads, Claire King and Kennedy Groff had five apiece.

Amanda-Clearcreek 40, Circleville 37
Teays Valley 47, Fairfield Union 36
Bloom-Carroll 65, Hamilton Township 21

Boys Basketball
Amanda-Clearcreek 50, Berne Union 45
Zane Trace 48, Westfall 30
Adena 64, Huntington 53
Piketon 58, Southeastern 42
Paint Valley 57, Unioto 52

Boys Bowling
Teays Valley (4-0) 2253,
Dublin Jerome (0-4) 1535

The Boys Bowling team welcomed back multiple alumni members and welcomed many middle school members on Tuesday for their match against Dublin Jerome. The Vikings defeated the Celtics 2253-1535. The win was the boys 150th dual win in program history.

The Vikings used an impressive 462 series of Lukas Dunbar, who was the match medalist, to elevate their team games. Zavier Gest also shot a 435 series. Freshman Cameron Love shot a 200 game, which is his personal best in varsity play.

TV scoring Lukas Dunbar 225-237 462, Zavier Gest 200-235 435, Justin Tackett 171-145 316, Cameron Love 200, Jullian Cunningham 180, Jacob McDonald 154, Sam Rodgers 132, Baker Games 189-185 374

The Vikings return to action on Thursday at AMF Sawmill at 4 PM to take on the Panthers of Hilliard Darby.

Girls Bowling
Teays Valley 1476, Dublin Jerome 1017

The Vikings used a 635 Team Game Series in Game 1 and strong Baker Game energy to defeat Dublin Scioto on Tuesday. Loralai Kinzy was the match medalist with a 303 series.

Sophomore Haley Fout had a personal-best 150 game in game 1.

The Vikings carried their momentum into the Baker games, using strong energy and key spares to shoot a 273 series.

TV scoring: Loralzi Kinzy 146-157 303, Kenna Barnes 149-129 273, Gretchen Stachler 132-138 270, Haley Fout 150-92 242, Emma Cremeans 58-57 115, Baker Games 138-135 273

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Boys Basketball
Lynchburg-Clay 54,
Westfall 52

Westfall turned the ball over 19 times on Saturday in a 54-52 non-conference loss to host Lynchburg-Clay.
The Mustangs jumped out to a 25-22 lead after a busy first quarter of scoring, paced by Brody Clark scoring eight points and Casey Cline adding six.
Westfall still led 37-36 at halftime, but Lynchburg-Clay took advantage of limiting the Mustangs to just five points in the third quarter to take a 45-42 lead into the fourth.
Clark led the way for the Mustangs with 17 points, Cline had 13, Jerry Layton tallied 10 and Bleac Bugher added five.
The Mustangs (2-2) resume Scioto Valley Conference play on Tuesday when they host Zane Trace.

New Hope Christian 85,
Liberty Christian 59

Clayton Rhyne helped get New Hope Christian off to a running start on Saturday in an 85-59 win over visiting Liberty Christian.
The senior guard made four field goals in the first quarter en route to 12 points for the period. Lane Bruning followed with eight points, as the Statesmen raced out to a 27-13 lead.
Rhyne scored 13 points in the second quarter and Adam Rink chipped in four to help the Statesmen extend their lead to 47-25 at halftime.
Rhyne finished with a game-high with 33 points, Bruning and Adam Rink each had 10 points and Hunter Cavanaugh added eight for the Statesmen (2-0).

Girls Basketball
New Hope Christian 51,
Liberty Christian 23

New Hope Christian put two players into double figures on Saturday in a 51-23 win over visiting Liberty Christian.
The Statesmen jumped out to a 17-2 lead after a quarter of play. Five players contributed in the scoring, led by Kayla Winner with six points and Maren McCallister adding four.
New Hope extended its lead to 31-8 at the break.
McCallister connected for four field goals and nine points in the period and Jenna Tripp added five points.
McCallister led all scorers with 20 points, Tripp tallied 14, and Eden Leist and Winner added six apiece for the Statesmen (3-1).

Boys Basketball
Logan Elm 54, Hamilton Township 49
Teays Valley 55, Amanda-Clearcreek 23
Lynchburg-Clay 54, Westfall 52
New Hope 85, Liberty Christian 59

Girls Basketball
Bloom-Carroll 34, Teays Valley 28
New Hope 51, Liberty Christian 23

Friday, December 2, 2022

Girls Basketball
New Hope Christian 51,
Northside Christian 18

New Hope took a double-digit lead at the end of the first quarter on Friday on its way to a 51-18 rout of visiting Northside Christian.
Eden Leist scored six points and Maren McCallister added five in a first quarter that ended with the Statesmen leading 14-4.
McCallister scored all seven of New Hope’s points in the second quarter to head into halftime with a 21-9 advantage.
McCallister posted a double-double of 24 points and 10 rebounds, Jenna Tripp hit a quartet of three-pointers on her way to a 14-point, six assist evening and Leist tallied eight points and six rebounds for the Statesmen (2-1).
Also scoring for New Hope: Ivy Hines 3, Chesnee Hines 2

Amanda-Clearcreek 45,
Hamilton Township 35

Amanda-Clearcreek came out of the gate strong with a 22-point first quarter on Friday before coasting to a 45-35 Mid-State League Buckeye Division win over visiting Hamilton Township.
Six players scored in the first quarter. Emily Buckley hit a pair of three-pointers, and Addy Pugh and Grace Davis hit two baskets apiece.
The Aces (3-2, 2-1) led 22-11 after a quarter of play.
Davis paced the Aces with 14 points, Taylor Evans tallied 11 and Buckley added nine.
Also scoring for the Aces: Rachel Weaver 4, Addy Pugh 4, Hailey Sowers 3

Boys Basketball

Westfall 47, Adena 46 OT
East Knox 31, Amanda-Clearcreek 20
Unioto 62, Piketon 48
Zane Trace 71, Huntington 27
Paint Valley 51, Southeastern 48
Girls Basketball
Circleville 53, Logan Elm 39
Amanda-Clearcreek 45, Hamilton Twp. 35
Fairfield Union 48, Liberty Union 47

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Girls Basketball
New Hope Christian 56,
Genoa Christian 44

Maren McCallister poured in 37 points on Thursday to lead the Statesmen to a win over visiting Genoa Christian.
New Hope finished the first quarter with a 19-12 advantage, thanks in part to McCallister hitting a trio of three-pointers and scoring 15 points in the quarter.
The Statesmen extended their lead to 33-24 at halftime. McCallister knocked down three field goals in the period and had seven points, while Jenna Tripp hit a pair of baskets, including a triple.
Tripp finished the game with 10 points, allowing the senior to move into the top five all-time scoring in program history with 427 career points.
Also scoring for New Hope: Kayla Winner 4, Eden Leist 3, Ivy Hines 2.

Boys Basketball
Circleville 73, Adena 62 20T

Ian Warden paced the Tigers with 20 points, Joe Wray tallied 15, Nolan West and Briley Cramer both accounted for 12 and Slater Search added 10.

Boys Bowling
Teays Valley 2348,
Pickerington Central 2137

TV scores: Jullian Cunningham 170-268 438 (match medalist), Lukas Dunbar 248-174 422, Zavier Gest 238-170 406, Robert Tucker 196-181 377, Jacob McDonald 180-141 321
Baker Games 210-170 382

Girls Bowling
Pickerington Central 1696,
Teays Valley 1440

TV scores: Gretchen Stachler 188-140 328, Loralai Kinzy 133-153 286, Kenna Barnes 108-136 244, Haley Fout 166-99 215, Emma Cremeans 68-69 137
Baker Games 135-95 230

Thursday, November 30, 2022
Boys Bowling
Teays Valley 2077,
Reynoldsburg 2064

TV scores: Lukas Dunbar 155-212=367, Zavier Gest 179-170=349, Jullian Cunningham 169-177=346, Jacob McDonald 137-179=316, Justin Tackett 176, Robert Tucker 139
Baker Games: 220, 164=387
Girls Bowling
Teays Valley 1412,
Reynoldsburg 930

TV scores: Loralai Kinzy 133-172=305, Kenna Barnes 117-165=282, Gretchen Stachler 137-114=251, Haley Fout 91-84=175, Emma Cremeans 58-98=156
Baker Games: 114, 129=243

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Boys Basketball

Teays Valley 59, Logan Elm 51
Liberty Union 34, Amanda-Clearcreek 32
AC: Tucker Shamblin 15 points, Taylon Conrad and Miguel Lobo 5 each.
Fairfield Union 61, Hamilton Township 51
Girls Basketball
Fisher Catholic 54, Amanda-Clearcreek 40

AC: Emily Buckley 19 points, Grace Davis 10, Megan Tooill 7

Adena 45, Westfall 35

Monday, November 28, 2022
Girls Basketball
Hamilton Township 34,
Logan Elm 31

Hamilton Township checked Logan Elm to nine second-half points on Monday to claim a 34-31 Mid-State League Buckeye Division win.
The Braves jumped out to a 12-5 lead after a quarter with Kimberly Petty and Kennedy Groff accounting for five points apiece.
Logan Elm went into halftime with a 22-20 advantage, led by Claire King scoring six points in the second quarter.
Petty finished the night with 11 points, King tallied 10 points, five rebounds and five steals and Groff added six points.
The Braves (0-2, 0-2) continue league play on Friday when they host Circleville.

Saturday, November 27, 2022
Girls Basketball
Piketon 44, Westfall 27

Adrian Moehl accounted for 14 points and Marianna Packer added six for the Mustangs in a Scioto Valley Conference setback against host Piketon.
“Piketon’s size really hurt us inside and on the boards,” Westfall coach Joseph Patete said. “Adrian Moehl came off the bench to lead us in scoring. We played extremely hard tonight but we couldn’t make enough shots in the second half to make a run.”

Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Boys Basketball

Lancaster 45, Teays Valley 44

Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Girls Basketball

Bloom-Carroll 56, Circleville 27
Central Crossing 43, Westfall 27

Monday, November 21, 2022
Girls Basketball
Bishop Ready 80,
New Hope 50

Hope Orders poured in a game-high 31 points on Monday to lead host Bishop Ready to an 80-50 win over New Hope.
The Silver Knights jumped out to a 22-10 lead after a period of play and expanded that advantage to 39-22 at halftime.
Maren McCallister drained 13 of 15 free throws that she attempted to score a team-high 21 points. Jenna Tripp nailed a trio of three-pointers on her way to 15 points.
“Ready made Maren work for every opportunity and Jenna Tripp really stepped up,” New Hope coach Brian McCallister said. “Ready is a solid team, very scrappy and great shooters. People in central Ohio will know the name Hope Orders by the end of the year.”
McCallister commented on a few areas of improvement he wants to see from his team.
“We need to identify and close on shooters much better and obviously rebound better since we gave up 21 offensive boards,” he said.
Also scoring for the Statesmen: Kayla Winner 5, Chesnee Hines 4, Ivy Hines 2, Aubrey Christensen 2, Eden Leist 1

Saturday, November 19, 2022
High School Bowling

The Teays Valley boys finished 18th out of 26 at the state kickoff.
TV scores: Justin Tucker 477, Lukas Dunbar 450, Jacob McDonald 359, Robert Tucker 357, Jullian Cunningam 161, Zavier Gest 138.
TV coach Nick Bolyard: We were resilient to the end, scoring extremely high in our Baker Games.

The Teays Valley girls were 21st out of 21 teams.
TV scores: Kenna Barnes 442, Loralai Kinzy 326, Gretchen Stachler 306, Haley Fout 281, Emma Cremeans 153.
TV coach Nick Bolyard: The Vikings have numerous new faces and are extremely young this season. They showed some promising glimpses for the future.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

The Ohio High School Athletic Association released figures on how each seed did in the first-round of the state football playoffs. This is the second consecutive season where the top 16 teams in each region have qualified for the postseason. Previously, just the top eight teams qualified per region, although the association had planned to expand that to 12 teams, per a recommendation from the state football coaches association. The OHSAA decided to go from 12 to 16 teams to provide additional participation and to recover lost revenue from the COVID-19 pandemic.

How the Seeds Fared in the First Round

Of note, the No. 9 and No. 10 seeds went a combined 31-25 playing on the road Friday in the first round of the playoffs. Overall, the home teams (top 8 seeds) went 178-46 in the first round.

No. 1 seed: 28-0

No. 2 seed: 27-1

No. 3 seed: 27-1

No. 4 seed: 21-7

No. 5 seed: 26-2

No. 6 seed: 24-4

No. 7 seed: 13-15

No. 8 seed: 12-16

No. 9 seed: 16-12 (played at No. 8 seed)

No. 10 seed: 15-13 (played at No. 7 seed)

No. 11 seed: 4-24 (played at No. 6 seed)

No. 12 seed: 2-26 (played at No. 5 seed)

No. 13 seed: 7-21 (played at No. 4 seed)

No. 14 seed: 1-27 (played at No. 3 seed)

No. 15 seed: 1-27 (played at No. 2 seed)

No. 16 seed: 0-28 (played at No. 1 seed)

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