Dyas-Rogers’ toughness leads TV senior to Bowsher Trophy

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By Brad Morris

ASHVILLE — When discussing the play of Teays Valley senior Cameron Dyas-Rogers this season, toughness was the first word that came to the mind of coach Brian Barnett.

“We were getting ready to play Bloom-Carroll back in mid-December and I look over and see Cam laying down on the floor, grabbing his knee and I told myself, ‘Oh boy, this is never good’.” he said. “Cam went and got it checked out, he put a brace on and the next night he scores 18 points in three quarters against the best team in our league.

“I can’t think of another kid in our program who is tougher than Cam is. I think his example of playing through that torn meniscus rubbed off on some of our other kids and they played through smaller injuries they could play through, because Cam was doing it.”

Teays Valley coach Brian Barnett presents Cameron Dyas-Rogers with the Bob Bowsher Memorial Trophy, presented to the top senior boys basketball player in Pickaway County.

Dyas-Rogers acknowledged playing through pain for the remainder of the season, but the decision to play was simple for him.

“It was my senior year, and I wasn’t going to have my senior year taken away from me,” he said. “I saw a trainer and he said I’d be fine playing through it if I could stand the pain.

“I enjoy playing basketball and I enjoy playing with my teammates, building relationships and growing friendships.”

Dyas-Rogers, a 6-foot-5 post player, made his presence known for the Vikings this season by averaging 10.8 points and 6.1 rebounds per game. In recognition of his efforts, Dyas-Rogers earned the Bob Bowsher Memorial Trophy, presented to the top senior boys basketball player in Pickaway County.

Teays Valley’s Cameron Dyas-Rogers was a force in the paint for the Vikings this season.

“It means a lot for me to win this award, because a lot of good players and good people have come through Teays Valley and the other county schools who have won this award before me,” Dyas-Rogers said. “This award also represents my teammates, coaches and all the people around me, because I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Dyas-Rogers is the 17th Viking to win the award and first from Scioto Township.

“(Assistant coach Mike Browning) and I were talking and we figured out that I’m the first kid from Scioto Township to win this award, even going back to win the (township) schools won the award before (consolidation),” Dyas-Rogers said. “Scioto Township used to be a small township, but it’s really growing now and I guess this is symbolic of that.”

Dyas-Rogers discussed how he has played with more confidence as he’s gained experience at the varsity level.

“I used to be a little unsure of myself earlier in my career, but I’m become a lot more confident as a player, especially in my senior season,” he said. “I’ve worked in school and travel ball with scoring in the paint and around the basket more and also using my height to grab rebounds.

“I’m one of the tallest players in the county, so I view the paint as mine.”

Barnett said he could see Dyas-Rogers’ potential as he matured during high school.

“I knew we had something in Cam when he was a freshman and sophomore and it’s really came together over the last two seasons,” he said. “He’s very athletic, his hands are really good and those two things help make Cam the player that he is.”

Teays Valley’s Cameron Dyas-Rogers poses for a photo with the Bob Bowsher Memorial Trophy.

Dyas-Rogers pointed to wins over Fairfield Union and Liberty Union as two of the highlights the Vikings had this season.

Dyas-Rogers chipped in nine points during the 56-55 win at Fairfield Union and had 15 points, as the Vikings outscored host Liberty Union 34-25 in the second half to post a 55-49 win.

“I felt we played with a lot of poise and well overall as a team in both of those games to win,” Dyas-Rogers said.

Dyas-Rogers is looking at a trio of colleges and is leaning towards majoring in exercise science.

“I took anatomy this year and it has me interested in the body,” he said. “I’ve also been through physical therapy, so I’m used to that environment.”

Bob Bowsher Memorial Trophy winners

1948 — James Picklesimer, Williamsport

1949 — Robert Pontius, Walnut

1950 — William Rowley, Darby

1951 — Lester Sanders, Monroe

1952 — Harley Evans, Atlanta

1953 — William Evans, Pickaway

1954 — Kenneth Kirk, New Holland

1955 — Harold Gerhardt, Atlanta

1956 — Gene Stonerock, Williamsport

1957 — Dave Smith, Pickaway

1958 — Richard Hoover, Ashville

1959 — Gary Valentine, Saltcreek

1960 — Robert Hoover, Ashville

1961 — Robert Eitel, Jackson

1962 — Thomas Rathburn, Ashville

1963 — Rick Pond, Williamsport

1964 — Tom Seeley, Monroe

1965 — Bill Fortner, Teays Valley

1966 — Neil Coleman, Westfall

1967 — Russ Merrin, Logan Elm

1968 — Charles Palmer, Westfall

1969 — Tom Lightie, Westfall

1970 — Dale Lambert, Teays Valley

1971 — Mark Knece, Logan Elm

1972 — Terry Morrison, Circleville

1973 — Tom Sykes, Logan Elm

1974 — Craig Pontius, Teays Valley

1975 — Perry Hoskins, Circleville

1976 — Biff Bumgarner, Circleville

1977 — Chuck Cave, Logan Elm

1978 — Toren Bensonhaver, Circleville

1979 — Terry Wright, Logan Elm

1980 — John Sanders, Teays Valley

1981 — Jerry Mowery, Westfall

1982 — Brad Rivers, Westfall

1983 — Doug Hoover, Teays Valley

1984 — Luke McConnell, Circleville

1985 — Marc Gothard, Teays Valley

1986 — Kyle Wolfe, Westfall

1987 — Trond Smith, Logan Elm

1988 — Shane Roese, Teays Valley

1989 — Mike Miller, Teays Valley

1990 — Donn Rathburn, Teays Valley

1991 — Chris Strawser, Circleville

1992 — Ashley Hoskins, Circleville

1993 — Brian Dollison, Westfall

1994 — Brandon Lambert, Teays Valley

1995 — Tony Picklesimer, Westfall

1996 — Trevor Younkin, Teays Valley

1997 — Thom Patete, Westfall

1998 — Lee Gunn, Logan Elm

1999 — Brad Brooks, Logan Elm

2000 — Tyler Schleich, Westfall

2001 — Adam Stewart, Teays Valley

2002 — Matt Fosnaugh, Teays Valley

2003 — Craig Stewart, Circleville

2004 — Drew Shaw, Westfall

2005 — Tyler Evans, Logan Elm

2006 — Evan Blake, Logan Elm

2007 — Cory Cooper, Circleville

2008 — Steve Largent, Logan Elm

2009 — Tim Congrove, Logan Elm

2010 — Adam Blake, Logan Elm

2011 — Nate Anderson, Teays Valley

2012 — Nathan Moats, Circleville

2013 — Alek Stonerock, Westfall

2014 — Dillon Young, Logan Elm

2015 — Preston Gothard, Teays Valley

2016 — Michael Camp, Circleville

2017 — Ridge Young, Logan Elm

2018 — Isaac Roese, New Hope

2019 — Ryan Wolfe, Teays Valley

2020 — Jay Wyman, Westfall

2021 — Isaac Ward, Logan Elm

2022 — Cameron Dyas-Rogers, Teays Valley

— Bob Bowsher was an outstanding student-athlete from Circleville who died in World War II serving his country.

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