TV’s Keel reflects on reaching 2,000 career assists

Morgan Keel had quite a homecoming weekend.

The Teays Valley senior was crowned homecoming queen on Friday prior to the football game against Circleville and then reached 2,000 career assists on Saturday in a non-league win over Hilliard Darby.

Keel participated in a question and answer to reflect on her milestone and being one of the top setters in the area.

Teays Valley’s Morgan Keel poses for a photo Saturday after a non-league win over Hilliard Darby to recognize her career achievement of reaching 2,000 assists. Photo courtesy of Teays Valley volleyball.

Q: Discuss getting your 2,000th career assist on Saturday against Hilliard Darby and what it meant to you?

A: “When I started playing with the varsity team my sophomore year, I had a personal goal of reaching 1,000 assists in my career. I never thought that 2,000 would be possible. I’ve had great teammates the past three years who got the passes to me and executed the hits. I could not have reached 2,000 assists without my teammates and without Coach Bailey Walker, who gave me the chance as a sophomore and has had confidence in me on the court these past three years.  I am proud to represent Teays Valley volleyball with 2,000 assists.”

Q: What does it take to be a good setter?

A: “A good setter needs to be able to read the court well. Every single play, the setter has to decide where to put the ball. On a perfect pass, there are more than 10 options where I could put the ball. I have to recognize the hitters on the court, see where the pass is going, decide what is open on the other side of the court and read the blockers. Reading the blockers is a huge part of being a good setter. You need to keep the other team on their toes, which starts with being able to read the court.”

Q: What’s the hardest thing about being a setter that you’ve overcome to be one of the best setters in the area?

A: “The hardest thing I have had to overcome is stepping out of my comfort zone. One of Coach Walker’s expectations is communication. As a sophomore, I had to improve my communication and leadership skills.  It was extremely hard playing with girls two years older than me, yet trying to be one of the most vocal on the floor. Communication is something I am still working on to help improve our team dynamic.”

Teays Valley senior setter and captain Morgan Keel in action earlier this season against Circleville. Photo courtesy of Scott Iles Photography

Q: When a biddy volleyball player watches you play the game, what do you want them to learn from how you handle yourself competitively and as a teammate?

A: “I want them to see and learn that how you carry yourself as a person and a teammate is important. I try to have a positive, calm, and supportive attitude on the floor no matter the score.  Having a positive attitude helps your team tremendously. Mistakes are expected and accepted, but the key is how you respond and learn from mistakes to make yourself and your team better.”

Q: What are your plans for after high school?

A: I plan to attend Otterbein University and major in Public Health and Wellness.

Teays Valley homecoming queen Morgan Keel is pictured with homecoming king Landen McFarland. Photo courtesy of Teays Valley Local Schools.

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