All-Mid-State League Buckeye Division

Teays Valley senior Audrey Keplar was player of the year for the third consecutive season.

Mid-State League Buckeye Division Girls Golf
Player of the Year: Audrey Keplar, Teays Valley
Coach of the Year: Eric Evans, Circleville

Final Standings MSL
1 Circleville 19-1
2 Teays Valley 17-3
3 Bloom Carroll 9-11
4 Fairfield Union 7-13
5 Liberty Union 4-16
6 Logan Elm 4-16

Eric Evans led the Circleville girls golf team to its first Mid-State League Buckeye Division championship in program history this season with a 19-1 record in league play.

Senior Audrey Keplar, Teays Valley
Junior Elaina Seeley, Circleville
Freshman Isabelle Perini, Circleville
Sophomore Adison Abele, Teays Valley
Junior Izzy Seeley, Circleville
Junior McKenna Phillips, Bloom-Carroll

Freshman Brooklynn Lowry, Teays Valley
Senior Brooke Brown, Fairfield Union
Senior Abby Evans, Fairfield Union
Senior Chloe Barlow, Fairfield Union
Sophomore Addie Lester, Logan Elm
Senior Lexy Sharp, Circleville

Honorable Mention
Sophomore Alaina Bell, Bloom-Carroll
Freshman Niley Mathias, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Keara Raleigh, Liberty Union
Senior Kyley Morris, Liberty Union
Freshman Ava Ackerman, Teays Valley
Freshman Lis Sharp, Circleville

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