All-Mid-State League Buckeye Division

Mid-State League Buckeye Division Boys Soccer
Player of the Year: Collin LaVeck, Bloom-Carroll
Championship Coach: Thomas Robinson, Bloom-Carroll

Final standings MSL
1 Bloom Carroll 7-0
2 Fairfield Union 5 -1 -1
3 Teays Valley 5 -1 -1
4 Hamilton Township 4 -3
5 Amanda Clearcreek 3 -4
6 Logan Elm 1 -5 -1
7 Liberty Union 1 -5 -1
8 Circleville 0 -7

Junior Cameron Corey, Amanda-Clearcreek
Senior Collin LaVeck, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Charlie Gombas, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Dane Hansen, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Dominick Keefe, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Luke Stout, Circleville
Junior Caleb Redding, Fairfield Union
Senior Ronnie Rowley, Fairfield Union
Junior Andrew Duska, Hamilton Township
Senior Eli Aliff, Hamilton Township
Junior Caleb Lauvray, Liberty Union
Sophomore Aidan Robinson, Liberty Union
Senior Owen Elswick, Logan Elm
Senior Brayden Primmer, Teays Valley
Freshman Gavin Waters, Teays Valley

Sophomore Tyler Hines, Amanda-Clearcreek
Freshman Brennan Rich, Amanda-Clearcreek
Junior Tyler Philiopoulos, Amanda-Clearcreek
Junior Gavin Brooks, Bloom-Carroll
Sophomore Logan Miller, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Justin Darnell, Circleville
Junior Koen Eichhorn, Fairfield Union
Junior Caleb Schmelzer, Fairfield Union
Senior Brendan Delong, Hamilton Township
Senior Aiden Dunno, Hamilton Township
Sophomore Lincoln McCoy, Liberty Union
Senior Clay Reed, Logan Elm
Senior Luke Thompson, Logan Elm
Sophomore Max Spencer, Teays Valley
Senior Ben Mailer, Teays Valley

Honorable Mention
Senior Dalton Binkley, Amanda-Clearcreek
Freshman Jordan Binkley, Amanda-Clearcreek
Senior Tyler Rapp, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Nick Kovacs, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Liam Goodhart, Circleville
Freshman Will Flory, Circleville
Senior Caden Fyffe, Fairfield Union
Sophomore Cole Rowley, Fairfield Union
Senior Logan Caplinger, Hamilton Township
Junior Zach Hayes, Hamilton Township
Freshman Aaron Huber, Liberty Union
Sophomore Robby Federer, Liberty Union
Senior Owen Braun, Logan Elm
Sophomore Hussain Sharif, Logan Elm
Senior Eli Tan, Teays Valley
Senior Nathan Videkovich, Teays Valley

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