All-Mid-State League Buckeye Division

Mid-State League Buckeye Division Football
Championship Coach:
Jeremy McKinney, Bloom-Carroll
Back of the Year: Andrew Marshall, Bloom-Carroll
Lineman of the Year: Jaden Ball, Bloom-Carroll
Ernie Godrey Award: Brennen Rowles, Fairfield Union
George Murphy Award: Terry Holbert, Logan Elm

Bloom-Carroll 11-1 7-0
Logan Elm 8-3 6-1
Hamilton Township 6-4 5-2
Teays Valley 5-5 4-3
Fairfield Union 5-5 3-4
Circleville 5-6 2-5
Liberty Union 2-8 1-6
Amanda-Clearcreek 0-10 0-7

Senior Braylen Baker was one of four Logan Elm players to make first-team

Sophomore Logan Stevens, Amanda-Clearcreek
Junior Dylan Armentrout, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Jaden Ball, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Brodyn Bishop, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Andrew Marshall, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Chase Plantz, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Joe Streitenberger, Circleville
Senior Scott Moats, Circleville
Senior Hayden Collins, Fairfield Union
Senior Brennen Rowles, Fairfield Union
Junior Gunnar George, Fairfield Union
Junior Nadir Langston, Hamilton Township
Senior Kaden Kiser, Hamilton Township
Senior Trent Renz, Hamilton Township
Junior Artis Cain-Jackson, Hamilton Township
Junior Slade McClaskey, Liberty Union
Senior Cayden Carroll, Liberty Union
Senior Blayton Reid, Logan Elm
Senior R.J. Weber, Logan Elm
Junior Landon Thompson, Logan Elm
Senior Braylen Baker, Logan Elm
Freshman Cavin McDowell, Teays Valley
Senior Gavin Karshner, Teays Valley
Sophomore Tristian Graham, Teays Valley
Senior kicker Isabella Neal, Fairfield Union

Sophomore Peter Smith, Amanda-Clearcreek
Freshman Tommy Stai, Amanda-Clearcreek
Senior Dylan Chittum, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Grant Dolan, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Zane Gogolin, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Kale Kraner, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Collin Willet, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Trentt Fulgham, Circleville
Sophomore Jude Blair, Circleville
Sophomore Owen Ruff, Fairfield Union
Senior Braden Shull, Fairfield Union
Senior Kevin Hazelwood, Fairfield Union
Junior Josh Woods, Hamilton Township
Senior Jalen Townsend, Hamilton Township
Senior Matthew Noel, Hamilton Township
Senior Caden Courts, Liberty Union
Senior Troy Myers, Liberty Union
Senior Tanner Holbert, Logan Elm
Senior Nolan Brumfield, Logan Elm
Sophomore Aaron Walters, Logan Elm
Junior Carson Summers, Logan Elm
Freshman Kaden Hines, Teays Valley
Freshman Trent Wolpert, Teays Valley
Junior Harrison Payne, Teays Valley

Honorable Mention
Senior Alex Williams, Amanda-Clearcreek
Junior Wyatt Detty, Amanda-Clearcreek
Sophomore Landon Mills, Amanda-Clearcreek
Senior Will Green, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Wyatt Huston, Bloom-Carroll
Sophomore Ethan Thanthanavong, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Parker Kidwell, Circleville
Senior Mark Brunner, Circleville
Sophomore Drew Thornsley, Circleville
Senior Ian Headley, Fairfield Union
Senior Jayden Prichard, Fairfield Union
Junior Kyle Wolfe, Fairfield Union
Sophomore Omarion Medley, Hamilton Township
Junior Bryson Harr, Hamilton Township
Senior Max Petry, Hamilton Township
Senior Brendyn Ragan, Liberty Union
Senior Cam Manson, Liberty Union
Senior Cade Craft, Liberty Union
Senior Gavin Griffey, Logan Elm
Senior Drew Tomlinson, Logan Elm
Junior Camden Redd, Logan Elm
Senior Hayden Wells, Teays Valley
Senior Richard Odum, Teays Valley
Senior Gavin Sparks, Teays Valley

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