All-Mid-State League Buckeye Division

Mid-State League Buckeye Division Boys Cross Country
Championship Coach:
Rob Myers, Fairfield Union
Runner of the Year: Marcus Runkle, Fairfield Union

Teays Valley’s Thomas McPeek (left) finished seventh and Jerry O’Dell took ninth in the MSL-Buckeye championships that allowed both runners to make first-team.

Final standings Points
1 Fairfield Union 25
2 Liberty Union 51
3 Teays Valley 73
4 Bloom-Carroll 90
5 Logan Elm 157
6 Circleville 180
7 Hamilton Township 190
8 Amanda-Clearcreek 232

Senior Marcus Runkle, Fairfield Union
Senior Teddy Jenscon, Liberty Union
Sophomore Andrew Walton, Fairfield Union
Senior Gunnar Yates, Liberty Union
Sophomore Christian Reindle, Fairfield Union
Sophomore Nathan Phillips, Fairfield Union
Junior Thomas McPeek, Teays Valley
Junior Connor Tighe, Liberty Union
Senior Jerry O’Dell, Teays Valley

Freshman A.J. Ray, Fairfield Union
Freshman Chase Miller, Fairfield Union
Junior Ashton Helmbright, Bloom-Carroll
Freshman Connor Myers, Fairfield Union
Senior Drew Tomlinson, Logan Elm
Sophomore Rueger Shrewsberry, Teays Valley
Freshman Christopher Rodriguez, Bloom-Carroll
Sophomore Johan Naess, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Bailey Chabot, Liberty Union

Honorable Mention
Sophomore Lincoln McCoy, Liberty Union
Sophomore Conner Davis, Teays Valley
Junior Samuel Toops, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Connor Dean, Teays Valley
Freshman Charlie Sponseller, Liberty Union
Sophomore Evan Matchett, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Colby Sprague, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Mathew Bloom, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Sterlin Mullins, Circleville

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