Welcome to the Horizon Gymnasium

The Circleville City Schools District held an official ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday night before the boys basketball foundation game against Huntington to rename the high school gymnasium after Horizon Telecommunications.

Athletic Director Brandon Wright discussed the district strategy of teaming with community partners, such as Horizon, to raise additional funds that go toward enhancing the student and overall community experience at Circleville.

“Our goal is to always have a student focus in mind when it comes to enhancing the experiences of our Tigers,” he said. “If we go back to the opening of our new facilities in 2013, our community rallied around our students to afford them a new home to learn and engage in extracurriculars.

“Fast forward to 2022, through mutually beneficial community partnerships, we are able to enhance the experiences through facilities updates not just for high school student athletes, but for our biddy and community teams as well. Being a Tiger is something we are incredibly prideful of in this community as evidenced by our partnerships with Horizon recently and the Future Champions Club which has been an enduring level of support.”

Over the summer, the Horizon Gymnasium floor was refinished, painted and was extended to full regulation size of 94-feet, which also required moving the baskets on either side of the gymnasium back by five feet. The gymnasium also saw an LED light upgrade.

“Our community wants the best for our kids through and through,” Wright said. “In that spirit we owe it to our Tigers now and down the road to maximize their spotlight, add some Red and Black color schemes to the brick and mortar, and make our facilities first class quality for them as much as we can.

“Today’s ribbon cutting on Horizon Gymnasium is another milestone along that effort as we come together as community, students, and parents to cheer on our students to victory in this refreshed, but familiar hardwood setting.”

The investment from Horizon will also be used to construct two buildings, one at the baseball fields and the other at the softball fields, that will have a press box, concessions, restrooms and storage.

The Circleville City Schools District held an official ribbon cutting on Saturday for the renamed Horizon Gymnasium at the high school.

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