Westfall’s Cook signs with Findlay

Westfall senior Makayla Cook recently signed a national letter of intent to continue playing softball collegiately at the University of Findlay, an NCAA Division II institution. Cook earned second-team honors last season in the Scioto Valley Conference for batting .380 with seven home runs and 22 RBI.

Question: Talk to us about the recruiting process that you went through?

Answer: Thanks to amazing coaches, I was given the opportunity to talk to and look at about 4-5 different schools at different levels, all of which were great. Findlay, however, was the one I went to that just felt like home. I spoke to Coach Leedy prior to my visit, and we just clicked. During my visit and the practice, I got to participate in, the girls were so welcoming and helpful. Everything about Findlay was so perfect and I am so excited for these next four years.

Question: What would you like to major in at Findlay?

Answer: I plan to major in Exercise Science. I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in athletics, and becoming an athletic trainer allows me to be involved with sports and help other athletes.

Westfall’s Makayla Cook signs a national letter of intent to play softball at Findlay. Seated from left are Maxden Cook, brother; Kristin Cook, mother; Makayla; Tom Cook, father and Makenzie Cook, sister. Standing from left are Jeff Hill, Cincy Doom travel softball coach; Lance Heath, Westfall softball coach and Jake Bickenhauser, Westfall assistant softball coach.

Question: What does it take to excel at being a catcher?

Answer: A lot of being a good catcher is having a strong work ethic. The ability to work hard in everything you do is so important, because it is far from an easy position. As much as it is physical, it’s even more mental. Being a strong leader and the ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important parts of catching. However, being a good teammate is definitely the most important. On bad days, your teammates will always pick you up if you do the same for them.

Question: What are your personal goals this season and what type of work are you doing during the offseason to make that goal come true?

Answer: My goals are currently to get stronger and faster, as well as fine tune and perfect certain skills. Currently, I train six days a week, in the weight room and conditioning, working hard to get in the best shape I can. I also am hitting five to six days a week, just making sure my swing stays fresh and I am able to tweak things as needed. I also am doing glove work and catching drills three to four times a week to keep everything fresh.

Question: What is your favorite bat and catcher’s mitt to use?

Answer: I absolutely love my 2022 Louisville Meta bat and currently use the Easton Ghost Elite Series mitt!

Question: Favorite meal?

Answer: Chicken Diablo pasta!

Question: Favorite place to eat out at?

Answer: Rooster’s

Question: Favorite musical group or genre?

Answer:  Country or 2000s R&B

Westfall’s Makayla Cook made second-team All-Scioto Valley Conference as a junior. Photo courtesy of garysimages.com.

Question: Favorite movie?

Answer: The Notebook

Question: Favorite place or store to shop at?

Answer: Target

Question: Hobbies?

Answer: Weightlifting, shopping, hunting

Question: Favorite holiday?

Answer: Christmas, because it is just such a happy, lovable holiday that brings many people together.

Question: What is your most valuable possession?

Answer: The locket that holds a picture of my grandpa, who I lost after he battled cancer for about a year and a half.

Question: What is the best gift that you’ve given someone?

Answer:  I haven’t really given anything extremely valuable at this point, but I do feel as though doing lessons with younger girls has been the best gift I could give, as I am able to pass on what I know to them, helping them to grow as not only an athlete, but a person.

Question: What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on in your life?

Answer: My vacation to Florida with my family and some of my best friends.

Question: Favorite memory from the Circleville Pumpkin Show?

Answer: When I ran for Little Miss and got to ride through the parade on my grandpa’s favorite car!

Question: What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now and living if life goes as you intend?

Answer: I hope to continue giving lessons to younger athletes, as well as have a good career in athletic training, helping current athletes.

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