Circleville’s Riddick signs with Ohio Christian

Circleville senior Gracie Riddick recently signed to continue playing softball at Ohio Christan University, an NAIA institution. Riddick was a Mid-State League Buckeye Division honorable mention recipient last season.

Question: Talk to us about the recruiting process that you went through, how many schools that you looked at and what made Ohio Christian the right fit for you?

Answer: When going through the recruiting process there were multiple schools that I considered and a few other coaches I had been in contact with through email, but OCU was the first college that I had actually went on a visit to. The day I went for the visit I went to practice with the girls, and I instantly knew that OCU was where I needed to be.

Question: What would you like to major in at OCU?

Answer: I am majoring in human services at OCU. This was an easy decision for me because I enjoy working with people and want to make the biggest impact I can on other people’s lives.

Question: What are your strengths as a player and what are a few areas you’ve had to work at the hardest to improve?

Answer: My success in softball is because of my support system. My amazing parents have created two softball organizations in Circleville and given many opportunities for not only me and my sister, but the rest of our youth to play locally. My strengths as a player are being quick on my feet and being able to read a ball. An area I’ve worked hard to improve in is at the plate, but I’ve made it my goal to increase my batting average each season, and so far in high school I’ve succeeded.

Question: What are your team and personal goals for this upcoming season?

Answer: My personal goal for this upcoming season would be to come out of my shell, get to know the girls, and keep up with the tempo. A team goal for me would be to play hard and win the Mid-State League Buckeye Division championship.

Circleville senior Gracie Riddick recently signed to continue playing softball at Ohio Christian University. Gracie is flanked by CHS softball coach Dave Truex and OCU softball coach Rich Hogle. Standing are Megan Travis, Gracie’s mother, and Jose Travis.

Question: What is your favorite bat and glove to use?

Answer: My favorite bat is the Easton Ghost hands down, doesn’t matter what year or model because I’ve swung them all at one point. These are my favorite because of the sound of the pop, and it being one of the hottest bats on the market. Unpopular opinion but my favorite glove to use is a Boombah glove. I originally wanted a Boombah glove, because I could get it in red and black, but I have now owned two of the same gloves, and it’s gonna be difficult to change.

Question: Is there a softball player that you look up to and try to emulate?

Answer: Sarah Moats who also played at Circleville and attends Walsh University, because she has been my coach for travel the past year and I feel like she is the best role model and influence on me to push hard and make it to the college level.

Question: Favorite meal?
Answer:  Tacos!

Question: Favorite place to eat out at?
Answer: Texas Roadhouse

Question: Favorite musical group or genre?
Answer: Country music!!!!

Question: Favorite movie?
Answer: 42

Question: Favorite place or store to shop at?
Answer: Target

Question: Hobbies?
Answer: Softball, Tennis, Cheerleading, Working out

Question: Favorite holiday?
Answer: My favorite holiday is Christmas, because of the way that it brings the community and our families together.

Question: What is your most valuable possession?
Answer: I honestly feel like my most valuable possession would have to be my bat. Yes, I’m the girl who doesn’t want her bat thrown!

Question: What is the best gift that you’ve given someone?
Answer: This is a hard one and I honestly don’t know. I’m not one to buy one big gift, but to put together an assortment of things.

Question: What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on in your life?
Answer: My favorite vacations have been my trips to nationals with my travel teams, but my favorite trip was to Gulf Shores.

Question: Favorite memory from the Circleville Pumpkin Show?
Answer: My favorite memory from the Pumpkin Show is going through the parades with my cheer team.

Question: What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now and living if life goes as you intend?
Answer: In ten years, I see myself working as a counselor in Circleville, so I don’t plan on leaving.

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