A Famous Hawhee Tale

By Greg Bigam

Special to SportingPumpkin.com

I have a short story for you that I have heard several times, and have no idea if it is true. Since Waverly was in Circleville to face the Lady Tigers and Tigers in tournament play this week, it seems like a good time to share.

C D Hawhee coached 32 years at Waverly from 1947 to 1979. He accumulated 477 wins. He also coached football, golf, track and baseball. He obviously was a legend. The legend includes this story.

One game, Coach Hawhee was on the referees repeatedly. Coach was on the floor (not sure if there was a coaches box then) several times.

Finally, one of the officials had enough, and warned Coach Hawhee he was going to call a technical. “As a matter of fact, CD, I am going to call a technical for every step it takes for you to get back to the bench the next time you come on the floor!”

As the story goes, a few minutes later the referee heard Coach Hawhee in his ear and turned to find Coach Hawhee almost at the center circle in the middle of the floor. “That’s a technical, and a tech for every step Hawhee! I warned you.”

As the referee prepares to count the steps and start assessing technical fouls; Coach Hawhee drops down and crawls on his knees off the floor.

I have never heard if the referee assessed any technical at all. I am guessing he was so stunned or maybe laughing so hard he couldn’t do anything. All I know is that I hope this story really happened one night during a Waverly Tiger game!

I was also told once of a coach who was so upset after the game that he looked at his point guard after the game and finally told him to just go on in the shower, cause he didn’t want to talk to him. “ Just stay in there,” shouted the frustrated coach.

A bit later the team is on the way home and the coach figures maybe he should talk to his guard. “Send “Jones” (made up name to protect the guilty) up here.” No one moved up to the front of the bus and Coach yells”Where in the hell is Jones?”

Finally a voice in the back answers, “Jones ain’t on the bus. He was still in the shower when we left. You never told him he could come out.”

I assume the player eventually got home, but I don’t know how or when.

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