Mid-State League Buckeye Division

Boys Bowling Final standings
1 Hamilton Township 3548
2 Teays Valley 3298
3 Logan Elm 2622
4 Circleville 2541
5 Fisher Catholic 2373

League Champion: Teays Valley
Championship Coach: Nick Bolyard, Teays Valley
Player of the Year: Lance Berard, Logan Elm (709 Series)

Team Honor First Name Last Name Year School
1st Lance Berard Sr. Logan Elm
1st Bryson Short Sr. Hamilton Township
1st Chase Crawford Sr. Hamilton Township
1st Mike Brooker Sr. Hamilton Township
1st Sam Rodgers Fr. Teays Valley
2nd Zavier Gest Jr. Teays Valley
2nd Collin McKenzie Jr. Hamilton Township
2nd Jullian Cunningham Jr. Teays Valley
2nd Aiden Jordan Sr. Hamilton Township
2nd Lukas Dunbar Sr. Teays Valley
HM Matthew Fullen Sr. Logan Elm
HM Justin Vance Sr. Circleville
HM Cael Noble Fr. Circleville
HM Jake Krooner Sr. Fisher Catholic
HM Bobby Bennett Fr. Fisher Catholic

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