Softball statistics that were submitted by area coaches.

Cara Cooper, Circleville; .548 Morgan Cantrell, Teays Valley; .521 Chandler Hayes, Circleville; .518 Gabby McConnell, Circleville; .490 Reagan Mengerink, Teays Valley; .482 Makayla Cook, Westfall; .474 Delana Landefeld, Westfall; .465 Alyssa Brown, Teays Valley; .460 Sadie Binkley, Logan Elm; .441 Ella Michael, Circleville; .418 Claire Davis, Circleville; .407 Sydney Manring, Teays Valley; .389 Ava Heath, Westfall and Olivia Dumm, Westfall; .386 Alyssa Liston, Circleville; .370 Jacie Clifton, Logan Elm; .367 Aimee DeWeese, Teays Valley; .361 Madison Kearney, Westfall; .353 Tia Fowler, Logan Elm; .338 Isabel Sayre, Teays Valley and Gabby Henry, Westfall; .333 Micah Mann, Teays Valley; Meredith Jarvis, Logan Elm;

Morgan Cantrell, Teays Valley; 16 Reagan Mengerink, Teays Valley and Chandler Hayes, Circleville; 15 Makayla Cook, Westfall; 14 Cara Cooper, Circleville and Gabby McConnell, Circleville; 13 Alyssa Brown, Teays Valley; 11 Claire Davis, Circleville; 9 Micah Mann, Teays Valley; Meredith Jarvis, Logan Elm; Ava Heath, Westfall; Alyvia Lawrentz, Teays Valley and Ella Michael, Circleville; 8 Sadie Binkley, Logan Elm; Delana Landefeld, Westfall; 7 Sydney Manring, Teays Valley; Grace Long, Westfall and Aimee DeWeese, Teays Valley

Cara Cooper, Circleville; 5 Katie Folkes, Circleville; 3 Delana Landefeld, Westfall; 2 Micah Mann, Teays Valley and Lynsay VanHoose, Logan Elm

Home Runs
Sydney Manring, Teays Valley; 7 Alyssa Brown, Teays Valley and Makayla Cook, Westfall; 6 Reagan Mengerink, Teays Valley; 4 Lynsay VanHoose, Logan Elm; Cara Cooper, Circleville and Ella Michael, Circleville; 3 Claire Davis, Circleville; 2 Morgan Cantrell, Teays Valley; Katie Folkes, Circleville; Abbi Revalee, Teays Valley; Sadie Binkley, Logan Elm; Jacie Clifton, Logan Elm; Taylor Fowler, Logan Elm; Olivia Dumm, Westfall; Sydney Fuller, Westfall

Cara Cooper, Circleville; 45 Claire Davis, Circleville and Chandler Hayes, Circleville; 44 Morgan Cantrell, Teays Valley; 39 Reagan Mengerink, Teays Valley; 35 Delana Landefeld, Westfall; 34 Michelle Brumfield, Teays Valley; 31 Ava Heath, Westfall; 29 Sydney Manring, Teays Valley and Alyssa Brown, Teays Valley; 28 Ella Michael, Circleville; 24 Micah Mann, Teays Valley; Katie Folkes, Circleville and Lynsay VanHoose, Logan Elm; 23 Aimee DeWeese, Teays Valley; 22 Logan McNeal, Westfall and Gabby McConnell, Circleville; 21 Isabel Sayre, Teays Valley; 20 Alyvia Lawrentz, Teays Valley and Alyssa Liston, Circleville; 19 Meredith Jarvis, Logan Elm; 18 Sadie Binkley, Logan Elm; Sydney Fuller, Westfall; 17 Gracie Riddick, Circleville; 16 Abbi Revalee, Teays Valley; Gabby Henry, Westfall; Sophia Henson, Westfall; 15 Jacie Clifton, Logan Elm

Reagan Mengerink, Teays Valley; 55 Cara Cooper, Circleville; 37 Makayla Cook, Westfall; 36 Ella Michael, Circleville; 35 Micah Mann, Teays Valley; 34 Gabby McConnell, Circleville; 31 Sydney Manring, Teays Valley; 30 Morgan Cantrell, Teays Valley; 29 Alyssa Brown, Teays Valley; 27 Claire Davis, Circleville; 24 Lynsay VanHoose, Logan Elm; 23 Isabel Sayre, Teays Valley; Gracie Riddick, Circleville and Olivia Dumm, Westfall; 21 Chandler Hayes, Circleville; 19 Gabby Henry, Westfall; 18 Jacie Clifton, Logan Elm; Ryleigh Wolfe, Logan Elm; 17 Sadie Binkley, Logan Elm; Sydney Fuller, Westfall; Ava Heath, Westfall; 16 Aimee DeWeese, Teays Valley; 15 Alyvia Lawrentz, Teays Valley, Meredith Jarvis, Logan Elm

Gabby McConnell, Circleville; 15 Olivia Dumm, Westfall; 13 Sydney Manring, Teays Valley; 10 Sadie Binkley, Logan Elm; 5 Isabel Sayre, Teays Valley and Alyvia Lawrentz, Teays Valley

Olivia Dumm, Westfall; 160 Sadie Binkley, Logan Elm; 124 Gabby McConnell, Circleville; 115 Sydney Manring, Teays Valley; 55 Alyvia Lawrentz, Teays Valley

Alyvia Lawrentz, Teays Valley; 1.96 Isabel Sayre, Teays Valley; 2.08 Olivia Dumm, Westfall; 2.27 Sadie Binkley, Logan Elm; 3.01 Sydney Manring, Teays Valley; 3.14 Gabby McConnell, Circleville

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