All-area football team

The 2020 McGaffney Award winner and Defensive Player of the Year will be announced in the coming days.

Logan Elm’s Terry Holbert is coach of the year for the all-area team.

First Team

Joey Truman, Westfall senior
A.J. Moniaci, Teays Valley junior
Joey Thurston, Teays Valley sophomore
Luke Bullock, Teays Valley junior
Mike Clark, Circleville junior
Anthony Buckley, Amanda-Clearcreek senior
Dalton Stump, Amanda-Clearcreek senior
Conner Robinson, Logan Elm senior
127-209 passing for 1,981 yards and 27 touchdowns; 331 yards rushing and eight touchdowns
Marcus Whaley, Westfall senior
Accounted for over 65 percemt of Mustangs’ offense
Running backs
Camden McDanel, Teays Valley sophomore
103 carries for 648 yards and six touchdowns
Blayton Reid, Logan Elm sophomore
109 carries for 524 yards and five touchdowns
Gabe Chalfin, Logan Elm senior
26 receptions for 458 yards and nine touchdowns
Jason Sailor, Logan Elm senior
38 receptions for 486 yards and seven touchdowns
Luke Blackburn, Westfall senior
29 receptions for 403 yards and three touchdowns
Braylen Baker, Logan Elm sophomore
16 catches for 313 yards and three touchdowns

Zion Bowling, Teays Valley senior
32 tackles, including 11 for loss, and 10 sacks
Liam Wilson, Teays Valley senior
31 tackles, including 10 for loss, and 11 sacks
Eric Jones, Teays Valley senior
11 tackles, including 8.5 for loss
Collin Roar, Logan Elm senior
20 tackles, including four for loss, and three sacks
Hayden Hebb, Logan Elm junior
Nine tackles, including three for loss.
Lane Stevens, Amanda-Clearcreek senior
37 tackles, including three for loss
Quintin Lott, Amanda-Clearcreek senior
82 tackles, including nine for loss, two sacks and two interceptions
Josey Kelly, Westfall senior
75 tackles, including eight for loss, two interceptions and three sacks.
Hunter Young, Teays Valley senior
31 tackles, including nine for loss, and three sacks
Cooper Booth, Teays Valley senior
52 tackles
Jeremiah Thompson, Teays Valley senior
47 tackles, including one for loss, and sack
Peyton Weiler, Teays Valley junior 77 tackles, including 10 for loss, and two interceptions
Cade Young, Amanda-Clearcreek junior
73 tackles, including 14 for loss, and six sacks
Isac Payne, Circleville senior
39 tackles, including 10 for loss
Camden Primmer, Teays Valley senior
28 tackles and one interception
Cole Westenbarger, Logan Elm senior
25 tackles and three interceptions
Tayvon Miller, Amanda-Clearcreek junior
42 tackles and four interceptions

Second Team

Hunter Probasco, Westfall sophomore
Ryan Miller, Logan Elm junior
Tyler Love, Teays Valley junior
547 total yards, including 435 passing, and five touchdowns.
Scott Moats, Circleville sophomore
26-69 passing for 295 yards and two touchdowns; 39 carries for 233 yards and a touchdown
Nate Hunter, Amanda-Clearcreek junior
69-126 passing for 1,009 yards and six touchdowns; 167 yards rushing and four touchdowns
Running backs
Hunter Matheny, Amanda-Clearcreek junior
115 carries for 464 yards and six touchdowns
Wyatt Thatcher, Circleville junior
37 carries for 221 yards and a touchdown

David Evans, Logan Elm senior
14 receptions for 205 yards and two touchdowns
Peyton Cassley, Amanda-Clearcreek junior
18 receptions for 271 yards and a touchdown
Cale Clifton, Teays Valley sophomore
28 total points

Trey Keeton, Westfall junior
27 tackles, including four for loss, and four sacks
Gavin Griffey, Logan Elm sophomore
14 tackles, including three for loss, and two sacks
Matthew Dyer, Logan Elm junior
20 tackles, including three for loss, and two sacks
Jarrod Held, Westfall senior
24 tackles and six pass breakups

-The teams were selected by Brad Morris with nominations made by the area football coaches.

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