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Dear Friends,

I wanted to write to you today and give an update on the progress Sporting Pumpkin is making in ramping up our coverage of area high school athletics and our transition into a full-fledged sports media website.

First, I want to thank you for your continued patronage of Sporting Pumpkin, liking and retweeting our content to your family and friends and helping to spread the word about our website.

Since we ramped up coverage on Sept. 4, the community has responded in a big way. The website has generated 18,424 views over the last three weeks from 9,686 visitors (logged by each user’s IP address). The website has seen an increase in traffic every week and broke records last week with 7,096 views by 3,898 visitors.

Sporting Pumpkin has also blown by last year’s total of 66,860 views by 30,543 visitors with 73,841 views by 36,179 visitors as of Sept. 26.

That’s impressive, considering that we just ramped up coverage only three weeks ago. We were on pace for 30 percent growth year-over-year, and we now believe that number will be an excess of 40 percent, with much more to come as we turn the calendar to 2023 in a few months.

Sporting Pumpkin is also showing rapid growth on our social media platforms with 23,013 people reached on Facebook over the last four weeks with 12,618 direct post engagements and 121-page likes. On Twitter, Sporting Pumpkin is approaching 1,300 followers.

Since I last wrote to you, Sporting Pumpkin has added four advertisers – Health Care Logistics and Ink My Logo as foundational partners, Pickaway-Ross CTC as a gold partner and Kingston National Bank as a silver partner. Roese Bros. Paving, which supported the preservation, upkeep and plaques for the Pickaway County awards in football, boys and girls basketball and wrestling, jumped on earlier as our first foundational partner.

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank these civic-minded businesses for believing in, supporting and investing in our vision to provide top-notch high school sports coverage to the community. The additional coverage that you see on Sporting Pumpkin would not be possible without these businesses supporting our community and the website, and we encourage you to show your appreciation to these fine businesses.

I never thought that I would be running a small business. It’s been different having two hats on as a sportswriter and small business owner and trying to make this mission succeed. It’s also been humbling to receive the support and well-wishes from many of you when we first started Sporting Pumpkin as a sports blog and now during our transition into a full-fledged sports media website.

I’ve had opportunities to leave for what some might view as greener pastures, including when I was laid off from the area newspaper during the COVID-19 pandemic, but my roots run too deep in Pickaway County with family, friends and, frankly, an extra drive to provide top-notch coverage to the community that I’ve always called home.

We are about halfway to what I am calling our Phase 1 plan that will ensure the long-term stability and mission of the Sporting Pumpkin in this expanded role.

If you are a business who has considered joining our growing list of community partners, I encourage you to contact me at bradmorrisjournalist@gmail.com. We have three partnership packages starting at just $150 per month for the rest of the 2022-23 school year or we will work with you to craft a plan that best meets your needs.

Sporting Pumpkin is the home to the most comprehensive coverage of high school athletics for Amanda-Clearcreek, Circleville, Logan Elm, New Hope Christian, Teays Valley and Westfall high schools in Pickaway and southwest Fairfield counties.

Brad Morris
Editor, Sporting Pumpkin

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  1. So glad you are doing this for the school’s. Always enjoyed your articles when you were at the herald

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