Making it official: TV’s McDanel signs to wrestle at Nebraska

Read our story about McDanel when he gave a verbal commitment last month to wrestle at Nebraska.

Teays Valley senior Camden McDanel signed a national letter of intent on Wednesday to wrestle at the University of Nebraska. McDanel is a three-time state qualifier and has finished as a state runner-up in each of the past two seasons while posting a record of 85-7 for the Vikings.

McDanel enters the season ranked seventh in the country at 195 pounds.

Teays Valley senior Camden McDanel signed his national letter of intent on Wednesday to wrestle at the University of Nebraska. Camden is seated with parents Josh and Tabitha McDanel. Standing is Teays Valley coach Todd Nace.

Question: How does it feel to finally sign on the dotted line and become a future Cornhusker?

Answer: It is a little bit relieving. I can’t wait to be a part of the team. I still have a lot of goals to complete though, so I am not relaxing. 

Question: What has your preparation been like for the upcoming season over the last couple of months?

Answer: I had a preseason tournament Super 32 that I placed fourth at. I lost two matches that I shouldn’t have, but I progressed a lot from my earlier training, and I learned more to work on. Other than that, I continue to lift and wrestle as much as I can. Luckily, practices to prepare for the season begin on Friday, so that will be a big help.

Question: What do you think are some of the top tournaments that you guys will be wrestling in this season that will help prepare you for a postseason run to the top of the state podium at the Schottenstein Center?

Answer: Our early season schedule is really, really tough this year. I will be wrestling in Ironman, Beast of the East and Brecksville, all in the first month of wrestling this year.

Question: What have you learned from the two previous state tournaments and the offseason tournaments that you wrestle, which will hopefully lead to a state championship this season?

Answer: Don’t hold back. I just have to believe in my training and believe in my coaches and go out there and just have fun with it.

Teays Valley senior Camden McDanel shows off his pipes in his future singlet.

Question: What type of pre match music do you listen to, if any, and how do you focus/get zoned in for a match?

Answer: I listen to all different genres of music, but usually before a match I’ll listen to rap or hip-hop though. Sometimes I don’t listen to anything.

Question: Is there a college wrestler that you look up to and work to emulate?

Answer: I don’t think I have a big wrestler role model. I like watching a lot of different guys wrestle, however, if I had to pick someone then I would say Carson Kharchilava. He is a really great person off and on the mat. I’ve gotten to realize this through interactions with him personally. He works really hard in the room, and I look forward to watching him when some national titles.

Question: Favorite meal?

Answer: My mom makes really good teriyaki chicken with peppers and peas. Put it over some white rice and it is one of my favorite home meals to eat.

Question: Favorite restaurant to eat at?

Answer: I do not eat out a lot… but that being said Chipotle is always a go to.

Question: Favorite music genre or artist/group?

Answer: I listen to all different genres of music. My favorite band would probably be Blink 182, and my favorite artist would probably be Kanye.

Question: What is the best vacation that you have ever taken?

Answer: My family always goes down to Hilton Head Island every summer and it is always really fun.

Question: Hobbies?

Answer: I like lifting, hanging with the boys, watching anime, cooking, and any outdoor activities.

Teays Valley’s Camden McDanel wins his state semifinal match last season.

Question: Favorite pro sports team?

Answer: My family has always been Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Question: Something that no one knows about me?

Answer: I don’t like pop

Question: What is your most valuable possession?

Answer: My most valuable possession is my family. Without them I would be nothing and I would never be in the place I am today.

Question: What is the best gift that you’ve ever given someone?

Answer: I like writing notes for people. I think lots of people would prefer a heartfelt handwritten note more than any other present, so I like to do that.

Question: Favorite holiday?

Answer: Christmas or Thanksgiving because they have the best food.

Question: What is your favorite memory from the Ashville Fourth of July and/or the Circleville Pumpkin Show?

Answer: My family always goes and watches the band parade on Thursday nights and that is always really fun. Also, one time my brother won the cane game and got like the big wooden one. We were really hyped up after that.

Question: What will you be doing in 10 years if life perfectly works out for you?

Answer: I will either be working as an orthopedic surgeon or fighting in the UFC. Who knows, I will go wherever God calls me and wherever life takes me.

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