Reid, Holbert lead All-SE District honors

By Brad Morris

Logan Elm senior Blayton Reid was recognized on Saturday as the Division IV Southeast District Defensive Player of the Year.

Reid accounted for 56 tackles, all but two of them solo, with six tackles for loss, a pair of sacks and an interception.

“I go back to Blayton’s freshman year, and we were having some issues defensive that the coaching staff was trying to fix,” Logan Elm coach Terry Holbert said. “We decided to put our two toughest players at linebacker. One of those players was (Conner Robinson) who graduated a couple of years ago and the other was putting Blayton Reid at middle linebacker.

“Blayton gets a lot of focus for his exploits running the football, and deservedly so, but Blayton has also made some unbelievable plays on Friday nights, as well, defensively that are something to see.”

Logan Elm’s Blayton Reid was named Division IV Southeast District Defensive Player of the Year by the Ohio Prep Sports Writers Association.

Reid admittedly enjoys the offensive side of the game more but found defense to also be more to his liking this season.

“Playing defense was a lot more fun this season,” he said. “Our defensive line did a nice job of moving people around and allowing the linebackers to make plays. We had a good run this season as a defense.”

Holbert was also recognized as the district’s coach of the year, sharing the honor with New Lexington’s Kevin Beard and Gallia Academy’s Kole Carter. The Braves rebounded from a 3-7 campaign in 2021 to have their best season in a decade this year, going 8-3, finishing second in the Mid-State League Buckeye Division and hosting a first-round playoff game in Region 15.

Logan Elm coach Terry Holbert shared district coach of the year honors in Division IV after leading the Braves to an 8-3 season.

Reid was one of seven Logan Elm players to be honored by the Ohio Prep Sports Writers Association, which compiles the list.

Senior offensive lineman R.J. Weber, senior wide receiver Braylen Baker (31 receptions for 653 yards and 10 touchdowns) and sophomore quarterback Aaron Walters (115 of 187 passing for 1,672 yards and 17 touchdowns) joined Reid on first-team.

Senior defensive back Tanner Holbert (17 tackles, two interceptions), senior lineman Nolan Brumfield (32 tackles, including eight for loss, and two sacks) and junior running back Landon Thompson (41 carries for 289 yards and three touchdowns, 25 receptions for 314 yards and a touchdown) all made special mention.

In Division III, Circleville senior linebacker Joe Streitenberger (111 tackles, including five for loss, and an interception) and senior quarterback Scott Moats (63 of 123 passing for 832 yards and six touchdowns, 72 carries for 656 yards and 10 touchdowns) both made first-team.

Sophomore running back Jude Blair (191 carries for 946 yards and 10 touchdowns) and senior lineman Trentt Fulgham (50 tackles, including nine for loss, and two sacks) both made special mention.

The Tigers finished the season at 5-6 and earned a playoff spot for the first time since 2013.

Westfall senior wide receiver Casey Cline (40 receptions for 716 yards and seven touchdowns) made first-team in Division V.

Junior quarterback Bryce Wickline (154 of 258 passing for 2,008 yards and 16 touchdowns, 131 carries for 445 yards and eight touchdowns) landed on special mention.

The teams were compiled by a media panel from across the district, which includes Sporting Pumpkin. The list follows below in its entirety.

2022 Ohio Prep Sports Writers Association

Southeast Ohio All-District Football Teams

Division II

First Team Offense

RB: Varik Fick, Logan, 5-11, 160, Sr.; QB: Brayden Sturgell, Logan, 6-0 170, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year: None selected

Defensive Player of the Year: None selected

Lineman of the Year: None selected

Coach of the Year: None selected

Special Mention

Easton Castle, Logan; Ryan Harden, Logan

Division III

First Team Offense

WR: Garrett Guess, Miami Trace, 6-4, 200, Jr.; A.J. Dallmayer, Wash. Court House, 6-2, 190, Sr.; Andrew Holden, Sheridan, 5-9, 165, Sr.; OL: David Norris, Jackson, 5-11, 245, Sr.; Deegen Bloomfield, Hillsboro, 6-0, 208, Sr.; Drew Guthrie, Miami Trace, 6-8, 295, Sr.; Hunter Zizek, Sheridan, 5-9, 195, Sr.; TE: Tayvion Galloway, Chillicothe, 6-5, 225, Jr.; Tanner Lemaster, Wash. Court House, 6-6, 240, Sr.; QB: Jacob Winters, Jackson, 6-3, 220, Sr.; Scott Moats, Circleville, 5-9, 160, Sr.; Troy Thompson, Wash. Court House, 6-2, 180, Sr.; RB: Cade Wolford, Jackson, 5-10, 200, Jr.; Austin Barrett, Hillsboro, 5-11, 185, Jr.; All-Purpose: Jacob Wood, Jackson, 5-9, 160, Sr.; PK: Mason Siberell, Chillicothe, 5-9, 160, Sr.; Zach Warnock, Miami Trace, 6-3, 185, Sr.

First Team Defense

DL: Evan Lake, Chillicothe, 5-11, 185, Jr.; Charles, Souther, Wash. Court House, 6-3, 210, Sr.; Cole Davis, Sheridan, 6-0, 225, Jr.; LB: Landon Camp, Jackson, 6-0, 190, Sr.; Max Lee, Chillicothe, 5-10, 190, Sr.; Joe Streitenberger, Circleville, 6-0, 175, Sr.; Alex Poirier, Sheridan, 6-1, 205, Sr.; DB: Junior Smith, Marietta, 6-0, 175, Jr.; Eli Broermann, Jackson, 5-11, 190, Jr.; Michael Beardon, Wash. Court House, 6-0, 175, Sr.; Reid Packer, Sheridan, 6-3, 190, Sr.; P: Mason Doughty, Chillicothe, 6-3, 225, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year: Jacob Winters, Jackson

Defensive Player of the Year: Reid Packer, Sheridan

Lineman of the Year: Hunter Zizek, Sheridan

Co-Coaches of the Year: Paul Culver III, Sheridan; Andy Hall, Jackson

Special Mention

Seth Britton, Marietta; Luke Brandes, Athens; Marcus Steevers, Athens; Bo Landrum, Jackson; A.J. Denny, Jackson; Carter Boltenhouse, Chillicothe; Aiden Clemons, Hillsboro; Gary Reno, Hillsboro; Trentt Fulgham, Circleville; Jude Blair, Circleville; Trevaughn Jackson, Wash. Court House; Rocky Jones, Wash. Court House; Noah Miller, Sheridan; Justin Munyan, Sheridan

Division IV

First Team Offense

WR: Tanner Pepper, Warren, 6-0, 170, Fr.; Maddox Fox, Unioto, 6-2, 185, Sr.; Hudson Kelly, Waverly, 6-3, 185, Sr.; Braylen Baker, Logan Elm, 6-2, 190, Sr.; Tatem Toth, New Lexington, 6-2, 180, Sr.; Kenyon Franklin, Gallia Academy, 6-0, 195, Jr.; OL: Nathan Morrison, Unioto, 6-2, 285, Sr.; R.J. Weber, Logan Elm, 6-3, 210, Sr.; Gunnar George, Fairfield Union, 5-11, 245, Jr.; Brady Kennedy, New Lexington, 6-1, 285, Sr.; Isaac Clary, Gallia Academy, 6-7, 305, Sr.; QB: Newton, Hoops, Unioto, 6-2, 195, Jr.; Isaac Molihan, Vinton County, 5-11, 195, Sr.; Aaron Walters, Logan Elm, 6–0, 175, So.; Hayden Collins, Fairfield Union, 511, 155, Sr.; Lukas Ratliff, New Lexington, 6-4, 190, Sr.; Brody Fellure, Gallia Academy, 6-1, 185, Sr.; RB: Jason Williams, Warren, 5-9, 182, Jr.; Garrett Brown, Vinton County, 6-1, 210, Jr.; Andrew Potts, Greenfield McClain, 6-0, 220, Jr.; Jase Hurd, Waverly, 5-8, 165, Jr.; Hunter Rose, New Lexington, 5-8, 175, Sr.; Hudson Shamblin, Gallia
Academy, 6-0, 185, Jr.

First Team Defense

DL: Wyatt Crabtree, Waverly, 6-2, 205, Sr.; Michael Vernon, New Lexington, 6-3, 190, Sr.; LB: Dawson Brown, Vinton County, 5-11, 190, Sr.; Kaden Penwell, Greenfield McClain, 5-10, 170, Jr.; Blayton Reid, Logan Elm, 5-9, 180, Sr.; Cole Hines, Gallia Academy, 5-9, 185, Jr.; DB: Matt Griffin, Unioto, 6-0, 220, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year: Newton Hoops, Unioto

Defensive Player of the Year: Blayton Reid, Logan Elm

Lineman of the Year: Isaac Clary, Gallia Academy

Co-Coaches of the Year: Kole Carter, Gallia Academy; Kevin Board, New Lexington; Terry Holbert, Logan Elm

Special Mention

Trent Taylor, Warren; Taylor Bowers, Warren; Nolan Fox, Unioto; Cody Tuttle, Unioto; Josiah Thacker, Vinton County; Owen Hire, Vinton County; Cade Sponcil, Greenfield McClain; Max Elkenberry, Greenfield McClain; Brock Adams, Waverly; Mason Kelly, Waverly; Landon Thompson, Logan Elm; Tanner Holbert, Logan Elm; Nolan Brumfield, Logan Elm; Jayden Prichard, Fairfield Union; Brennen Rowles, Fairfield Union; Zack Robinson, New Lexington; Jerek Braglin, New Lexington; Dakota Siders, Gallia Academy; Mason Skidmore, Gallia Academy

Division V

First Team Offense

WR: Ty Perkins, Ironton, 6-3, 185, Sr.; Brycen Hunt, Fairland, 6-0, 155, Jr.; Brayden Hanshaw, South Point, 6-3, 175, So.; Casey Cline, Westfall, 6-0, 175, Sr.; Reade Pendleton, Portsmouth, 5-9, 164, Sr.; Jeffery Bishop, Portsmouth West, 5-11, 181, Jr.; Cole Tipton, Portsmouth West, 5-11, 165, Jr.; TE: Nalin Robinson, Zane Trace, 6-4, 235, Sr.; OL: Spencer Brower, Zane Trace, 6-1, 210, Jr.; Noah Patterson, Ironton, 6-2, 255, Jr.; Steven Rhodes, Fairland, 6-0, 248, Sr.; Alex Jenkins, Piketon, 5-11, 230, Sr.; Alex Baer, McDermott Northwest, 6-1, 255, Sr.; Kade Woods, Portsmouth West, 6-1, 225, So.; Caleb Miller, Wheelersburg, 6-2, 260, Sr. QB: Carter Langley, Zane Trace, 6-3, 180, Jr.; Tayden Carpenter, Ironton, 6-0, 190, Sr.; Peyton Jackson, Fairland, 5-9, 173, Jr.; Jordan Ermalovich, South Point, 6-0, 170, Sr..; Jordan Schulz, Alexander, 6-3, 190, Jr.; Griffin Cleland, Meigs, 5-10, 175, Jr.; Tyler Duncan, Portsmouth, 5-11, 138, Sr.; Mitchell Irwin, Portsmouth West, 6-1, 190, Sr.; RB: Jaquez Keyes, Ironton, 6-0, 215, Sr.; Conlee Burnem, Meigs, 5-10, 155, Jr.; Jeffrey Pica, Minford, 5-9, 210, Jr.; Wyatt Brackman, McDermott Northwest, 5-11, 230, Sr.; Ryan Sissel, Portsmouth West, 61, 220, Sr.; Daniel Barnhart, Zane Trace, 6-1, 220, Sr.; All-Purpose: Landen Wilson, Ironton, 5-10, 170, Sr.; Steeler Leep, Fairland, 5-10, 180, Sr.; Connor Lintz, McDermott Northwest, 6-2, 180, Jr.; Eric Lattimore, Wheelersburg, 5-9, 145, Sr.; PK: Zach Roth, Portsmouth, 5-10, 168, Jr.; Connor Estep, Wheelersburg, 5-11, 160, Jr.

First Team Defense

DL: Lane Stewart, Zane Trace, 6-0, 190, Sr.; Hayden Brannigan, Zane Trace, 5-11, 210, Sr.; Zion Martin, Fairland, 511, 212, Sr.; Nick Wright, Chesapeake, 6-0, 190, Sr.; LB: Lincoln Barnes, Ironton, 6-0, 205, Sr.; Trevor Carter, Ironton, 6-2, 210, Sr.; Zane Brownfield, Piketon, 5-8, 170, Jr.; Isaac Waller, Alexander, 6-1, 200, So.; Hunter Pendleton, Minford, 6-4, 230, Sr.; Brenden Truett, Portsmouth, 5-6, 200, Sr.; Andrew Huck, Bidwell River Valley, 55, 150, Sr.; Lan-don Hutchinson, Wheelersburg, 6-0, 160, Jr.; DB: Amari Felder, Ironton, 5-9, 190, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year: Ty Perkins, Ironton

Defensive Player of the Year: Lincoln Barnes, Ironton

Lineman of the Year: Kade Woods, Portsmouth West

Co-Coaches of the Year: Heath Hinton, Zane Trace; Todd Gilliland, Portsmouth West; Trevon Pendleton, Ironton

Special Mention

Blake Phillips, Zane Trace; Noah Fetters, Zane Trace; Aiden Young, Ironton; C.J. Martin, Ironton; Ryan Dixon, Fairland; Justin  McKee, Fairland; Maurice Long, South Point; Blaine Freeman, South Point; Camron Shockley, Chesapeke; Marcus Burnside, Chesapeake; Bryce Wickline, Westfall; Caleb Osborne, Piketon; Gabe Lamerson, Piketon; Dawson Montgomery, Piketon; Alex Jeffrey, Alexander; Braidin Tuttle, Alexander; Wyatt Humphreys, Meigs; Garrett Roberts, Meigs; Justin Stump, Bidwell River Valley; Peyton Caudill, Minford; Tysen Kingery, Minford; J.D. Matiz, Minford; Carter Runyon, McDermott Northwest; Tanner Bolin, McDermott Northwest; Noah Livingston, Portsmouth; Cole Windsor, Portsmouth West; Trevor Fike, Portsmouth West; Mason Parker, Portsmouth West; Creed Warren, Wheelersburg; Ethan Glover, Wheelersburg; Eli Jones, Wheelersburg

Division VI

First Team Offense

WR: Carson Free, Paint Valley, 6-3, 170, So.; Teagan Werner, Beaver Eastern, 5-9, 155, Jr.; Max Frank, Glouster Trimble, 5-10, 170, Jr.; OL: Andrew Medinger, Rock Hill, 6-5, 330, Sr.; Dustin Lunsford, Coal Grove, 6-2, 270, Sr.; Elias Bazell, Coal Grove, 6-2, 230, Sr.; Evan Fisher, Oak Hill, 6-2, 275, Sr.; QB: Cavan Cooper, Paint Valley, 6-1, 210, Sr.; Makhi Williams, Nelsonville-York, 6-1, 170, Jr.; RB: Kordell French, Rock Hill, 5-8, 155, Sr.; Chase Hall, Coal Grove, 6-2, 215, Sr.; Nathan Dreitzler, Adena, 6-2, 190, So.; Braylon Robertson, Paint Valley, 5-7, 215, So.; Hudson Stalder, Nelsonville-York, 6-0, 180, Sr.; All-Purpose: Quinton Puckett, Huntington, 5-10, 155, Sr.; Dylan Morton, Beaver Eastern, 6-0, 230, Jr.

First Team Defense

DL: Brett Klaiber, Coal Grove, 6-2, 270, Jr.; Dalton Black, Huntington, 6-2, 195, Sr.; K.J. Reinsmith, Beaver Eastern, 6-3, 280, Sr.; Maleek Williams, Nelsonville-York, 6-2, 215, Sr.; Cole Wright, Glouster Trimble, 6-1, 220, Jr.; LB: Skyler Kidd, Rock Hill, 5-11, 200, Sr.; Leighton Loge, Nelsonville-York, 6-2, 185, Sr.; Gavin Richards, Nelsonville-York, 5-9, 160, Jr., Sr.; Lakota Davis, Lucasville Valley, 6-0, 225, Sr.; DB: Gavin Gipson, Coal Grove, 6-0, 175, Jr.; Landen Inman, Nelsonville-York, 5-10, 160, So.; Colt Buckle, Lucasville Valley, 5-11, 160, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year: Chase Hall, Coal Grove

Defensive Player of the Year: Leighton Loge, Nelsonville-York

Co-Linemen of the Year: Elias Bazell, Coal Grove; Andrew Medinger, Rock Hill

Coach of the Year: Rusty Richards, Nelsonville-York

Special Mention

Chanz Pancake, Rock Hill; Landon Harper, Rock Hill; David Jenkins, Rock Hill; Zach Delawder, Coal Grove; Steven Simpson,  Coal Grove; Caleb Osborne, Adena; Mason Dyer, Adena; D.J. Crocker, Huntington; Nate Clutters, Oak Hill; Dom Chambers, Paint Valley; Roman Wisecup, Paint Valley; Peyton Bell, Paint Valley; Brewer Tomlison, Beaver Eastern; Landyn Reinsmith, Beaver Eastern; Drew Douglas, Nelsonville-York; Dakota Inman, Nelsonville-York; Trusten McWhorter, Southeastern; Brandon Burdette, Glouster Trimble; George Arnett, Lucasville Valley; Hunter Edwards, Lucasville Valley; Daniel Chapman, Crooksville

Division VII

First Team Offense

WR: Mason Heiss, Waterford, 6-0, 170, Sr.; Tanner Sanders, South Gallia, 5-8, 160, So.; OL: Landon Randolph, Meigs Eastern, 6-2, 215, Sr.; Tyler Blanton, Franklin Furnace Green, 61, 245, Sr.; QB: Jake Pantelidis, Waterford, 6-1, 190, Sr.; Josiah Smith, Racine Southern, 6-0, 185, Jr.; Logan Doughty, Corning Miller, 6-1, 155, So.; Austin Baughman, Sciotoville East, 6-0, 155, Sr.; RB: Dylan Taylor, Waterford, 5-10, 180, Jr.; Rylee Barrett, Meigs Eastern, 5-8, 165, Jr.; Nathaniel Brannigan, Franklin Furnace, 6-0, 200, Jr.; Gavin Hart, Portsmouth Notre Dame, 6-0, 215, Jr.; All-Purpose: Landan Lodwick, Franklin Furnace Green, 5-9, 160, Sr.; Dylan Seison, Portsmouth Notre Dame; 6-1, 155, Sr.; PK: Hayden Wilcoxen, Meigs Eastern, 5-8, 140, Fr.

First Team Defense

DL: Landon Flaherty, Waterford, 6-2, 200, Sr.; Keagan Jackson, Sciotoville East, 5-9, 165, Sr.; Carter Campbell, Portsmouth Notre Dame, 6-3, 190, Sr.; LB: Brandon Oldaker, Meigs Eastern, 6-3, 240, Jr.; Derek Griffith, Racine Southern, 6-1, 190, Jr.; E.J. Siders, South Gallia, 6-1, 190, Jr.; Abe McBee, Franklin Furnace Green, 5-10, 185, Jr.; DB: Lane Cline, Waterford, 510, 160, Sr.; Gavin Murphy, Meigs Eastern, 6-3, 183, So.; Josh Saunders, Symmes Valley, 58, 185, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year: Jake Pantelidis, Waterford

Defensive Player of the Year: Brandon Oldaker, Meigs Eastern

Lineman of the Year: Tyler Blanton, Franklin Furnace Green

Coach of the Year: Jason Jackson, Meigs Eastern

Special Mention

Colten McDougle, Waterford; Jud Cooper, Waterford; Brady Yonker, Meigs Eastern; Gavan Smith, Meigs Eastern; Cooper Barnett, Meigs Eastern; Kolten Thomas, Racine Southern; Bradie McCulley, Racine Southern; James Sheets, South Gallia; Hunter Wright, South Gallia; Conner Kaido, Corning Miller; Zander Bice, Corning Miller; Chais Lavender, Franklin Furnace Green;  Blake Smith, Franklin Furnace Green; Landehn Pernell, Sciotoville East; Tyell Baker, Sciotoville East; Dylan Fitzgerald, Sciotoville East; Dominic Sparks, Portsmouth Notre Dame; Wyatt Webb, Portsmouth Notre Dame; Lucas Smith, Manchester; Aaron Lucas, Manchester

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