Westfall’s Dumm signs with Thomas More

Westfall senior Olivia Dumm recently signed to continue playing softball at Thomas More University, an NCAA Division II school located in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. Dumm posted a 1.29 ERA and struck out 181 batters in 124 innings pitched last season and batted .422 with 16 RBI, earning first-team Scioto Valley Conference and Southeast District honors. She also led the Mustangs to a conference and district championship as a sophomore.

Question: Talk to us about the recruiting process that you went through, how many schools that you looked at and what made Thomas More the right fit for you?

Answer: The recruiting process was a very hard-working time for me that took a lot of hard work and determination to get through. There were moments that felt like there was never going to be an end, but I trusted the process and what my coaches were telling me to do to be successful. I looked at many different schools trying to find the right fit for me. I was always told that when you find the right place for you, you will just know. When I went to Thomas More for a visit, I just had that sense of home feeling and everyone there was so welcoming. I’m so happy that I found the right fit for me and can’t wait to be a Saint!

Question: What would you like to major in at Thomas More?

Answer: I would like to major in exercise science at Thomas More. I have always wanted to major in something sports related. I have been taking sports med classes through Pickaway-Ross these past two years and have really grown a passion for it. I eventually want to go on and get a master’s in occupational therapy and pursue a career in that field.

Westfall senior Olivia Dumm signs to play college softball at Thomas More. Pictured seated, from left, are Emory Dumm, brother; Paula Dumm, mother; Olivia Dumm; Elijah Dumm, father. Standing, from left, are Jeff Hill, Cincy Doom Premier Hill travel softball coach; Lance Heath, Westfall softball coach; Jake Bickenhauser, Westfall assistant softball coach; Jason Fife, Westfall principal and Brian Wolfe, Westfall athletic director.

Question: What are your strengths as a softball player and what are some of the things you’ve worked on the hardest to refine your ability to succeed on the field?

Answer: I think that some of my strengths as a softball player are being coachable, being able to take criticism, and being a team player by wanting the best for my teammates. One of the things that I have worked the hardest on is having mental toughness and being able to forget about something that I may have done wrong. It is a great skill to be able to move on from a mistake and turn it in to something good the next opportunity you get. I have also worked hard on gaining confidence in myself knowing that I can get the job done.

Question: What are your team and personal goals for this season?

Answer: My team goals for this season are to really put in the work to be the best that we can be and always have each other’s backs through the ups and downs. I know that my team will be successful if we trust in each other and want to get the job done for the girl standing next to us. Some personal goals that l have for this season are to enjoy my last year with my team and coaches and to give it all that I’ve got.

Question: Talk about how you work with Makayla Cook behind the plate that leads to success for the battery?

Answer: Makayla and I are best friends on and off the field, so we have always had a connection that is hard to be broken. We put in so much work in the offseason together and always have each other’s backs. Part of why we have success is because we don’t want to let each other down and want to help each other succeed. I am so blessed to have a pitcher and catcher connection like we do and know that there is always someone there to lift me up.

Question: Is there another softball player you look up to and try to emulate?

Answer: Another softball player that I look up to is Montana Fouts. I love to watch her and her mound presence. She handles pressure so well and is a model player on and off the field to look up to.

Westfall’s Olivia Dumm struck out 181 batters last season.

Question: Favorite meal?

Answer: Chicken Fried Rice Hibachi

Question: Favorite place to eat out at?

Answer: Raising Canes

Question: Favorite musical group or genre?

Answer: Big Time Rush

Question: Favorite movie?

Answer: Twister

Question: What is something that few people know about you?

Answer: I love weather and looking up at the sky.

Question: Hobbies?

Answer: Traveling, working out, hanging with friends, and going to Reds games.

Question: Favorite holiday?

Answer: Christmas, because I love doing Christmas activities like looking at Christmas lights, making cookies, and ice skating.

Question: What is your most valuable possession?

Answer: My cat Stinkerbell.

Question: What is the best gift that you’ve given someone?

Answer: One time I gave my mom a coupon book of pieces of paper saying I would do chores whenever she wanted. (I’ve never done them).

Question: What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on in your life?

Answer: Honolulu, Hawaii when I was little with my family.

Question: Favorite memory from the Circleville Pumpkin Show?

Answer: Representing my school in the Miss Circleville Pumpkin Show contest and looking out seeing all of my friends supporting me. It was so cool knowing that my classmates chose me to represent them.

Question: What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now and living if life goes as you intend?

Answer: I see myself starting my career of being an occupational therapist and being able to provide for myself. I would also love to begin traveling and see new parts of the world.

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