TV’s Farmer to play for Marietta

Teays Valley senior Matthew Farmer has decided to continue playing baseball at Marietta College, an NCAA Division III institution. Farmer went 5-2 with a 1.92 ERA last season, striking out 44 batters in 43 innings pitched.

Question: Talk to us about the recruiting process that you went through, how many schools that you looked at and what made Marietta the right fit for you?

Answer: My recruiting process was a little stressful like it is for most in the fact that I was trying to get colleges to notice me and try to find the right college for me. I really only looked at two schools throughout the whole process. I knew I wanted to go to Marietta for a long time. Marietta is where my dad played college baseball at, and I really wanted an opportunity to follow in his footsteps. My mom grew up in the city of Marietta, and it is where most of my family live and that home feel to the city made it a pretty easy choice.

Question: What would you like to major in at Marietta?

Answer: I want to major in health science at Marietta. I want to major in health science, because I am really interested in medicine and I want to get that degree to then pursue a career in physical therapy, so that I can do something medical while getting to potentially working with athletes.

Question: What has led to your success in baseball? What are your strengths as an athlete and what are a few areas you’ve had to work at the hardest to improve?

Answer: I think the biggest part of my success is my drive and competitiveness. I want to win more than anyone else on the field and I feel that that willingness to win has been huge in my success along with my work ethic off of the field. My strengths as an athlete would probably be my energy on the field, my ability to keep a positive mindset no matter the situation, and my leadership skills for our team. I have had to continuously work at my strength and flexibility to become a better athlete and have had to work on my mindset and how to remain positive and not get down on myself.

Question: What is your favorite brand glove and bat to use?

Answer: My favorite glove brand is Wilson, because I feel that they make the best quality gloves and it is the glove that I have used for all of my baseball career. My favorite bat brand is Marucci, because I love the sound they make and the pop they have when you hit the sweet spot.

Teays Valley senior Matthew Farmer has committed to play baseball for Marietta College. Pictured, from left, are Jennifer Farmer (mother), Matt Farmer, Chad Farmer (father) and Brady Farmer (brother). Standing is TV baseball coach Mark Colburn. Photo courtesy of Teays Valley Local Schools.

Question: What are your team and personal goals for the upcoming season?

Answer: My team goals for the season are to go undefeated in Mid-State League Buckeye Division play and win the league. I also want to make a run to at least regionals this year. My personal goals are to be first-team All-MSL-Buckeye and be on the Central District and All-Ohio teams. I want to be undefeated on the mound this year, as well. 

Question: Is there a baseball player that you look up to and try to emulate?

Answer: I really look up to Max Scherzer. I love the way he competes on the mound, how he wants to win every pitch he throws and he does not really care how people perceive him on the field. 

Question: Favorite meal?

Answer: Chicken parmesan

Question: Favorite place to eat out at?

Answer: Texas Roadhouse

Question: Favorite pro baseball team?

Answer: Pittsburgh Pirates

Question: Favorite musical group or genre?

Answer: Classic country, George Strait or George Jones

Question: Favorite movie?

Answer: Greater

Question: Hobbies?

Answer: Golf. hang out with friends and hunting deer

Question: Favorite holiday?

Answer: Christmas, because I love getting to spend all of that time with my family and hang out with them for a while. 

Question: What is your most valuable possession?

Answer: My grandpa’s knife

Question: Something that no one knows about you?

Answer: I want to live in the Montana mountains someday. 

Question: What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on in your life?

Answer: Going to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina with my family and my friend’s family.

Question: Favorite memory from the Circleville Pumpkin Show?

Answer: Walking around with my friends this year and watching the parade with them.

Question: What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now and living if life goes as you intend?

Answer: I see myself being a physical therapist and owning my first house on a good amount of land, hopefully in a state with mountains and near a lake. 

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