Mid-State League Buckeye Division

Mid-State League Buckeye Division Softball
Player of the Year:
Cara Cooper, Circleville
Championship Coach: Derrick Hastler, Tways Valley

First Team
Senior Cara Cooper, Circleville
Sophomore Payton Hochradel, Liberty Union
Freshman Sadie Binkley, Logan Elm
Junior Morgan Cantrell, Teays Valley
Junior Jenna Brown, Fairfield Union
Sophomore Ady Luke, Bloom-Carroll
Junior Gabby McConnell, Circleville
Senior Chandler Hayes, Circleville
Senior Reagan Mengerink, Teays Valley
Sophomore Sydney Manring, Teays Valley
Sophomore Haley Robinson, Amanda-Clearcreek
Senior Megan Tooill, Amanda-Clearcreek
Freshman Suzie Shultz, Liberty Union

Circleville senior shortstop Cara Cooper was the league’s Player of the Year.

Second Team
Sophomore Averie Hutchison, Amanda-Clearcreek
Freshman Madelyn Gates, Bloom-Carroll
Sophomore Adelyn Wolfe, Fairfield Union
Sophomore Kayle Emswiler, Fairfield Unin
Senior Meredith Jarvis, Logan Elm
Sophomore Madi Grefe, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Alyssa Brown, Teays Valley
Junior Sophia Gleim, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Isabella Caplinger, Hamilton Township
Junior Isabel Sayre, Teays Valley
Freshman Micah Mann, Teays Valley
Junior Ella Michael, Circleville
Junior Lynsay VanHoose, Logan Elm

Honorable Mention
Senior Carly Singleton, Amanda-Clearcreek
Senior Harlie Romine, Bloom-Carroll
Sophomore Claire Whitcraft, Bloom-Carroll
Senior Gracie Riddick, Circleville
Freshman Molly Brown, Fairfield Union
Junior Abbigayle Genheimer, Hamilton Township
Freshman Audrey Keller, Hamilton Township
Senior Audrey Farmer, Liberty Union
Junior Brooklyn Brockman, Liberty Union
Junior Jacie Clifton, Logan Elm
Junior Michelle Brumfield, Teays Valley
Sophomore Alyvia Lawrentz, Teays Valley
Sophomore Aimee DeWeese, Teays Valley

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